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Newsom launches campaign to stop recall effort against him

Newsom launches campaign to stop recall effort against him

California Gov. Newsom launched a new campaign Monday denouncing a recall effort against him. A website launched by Newsom included an ad that blames ’violent White supremacists’ for the push that threatens his political future. The site calls out ’anti-vaxxers, QAnon conspiracy theorists, anti-immigrant activists, and Trump supporters’ for pushing for his ouster.

Robert_Clearwater 0 months

I am glad that recalling Gavin Newsom is supported by both parties. He is delusional to think that it's only Q larpers or militia members that are trying to kick him out of office.

MrLoseddos 0 months

News Newsom: It does not matter who is "behind" the petition. As long as there are enough signatures. That said: This has a lot of support from both sides.

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 0 months

The typical Democrat talking point, anyone who goes against us is a racist or a sexist or any other buzz word they like to use. California is the most blue state in the U.S and he thinks it's only Trump supporters signing this recall campaign.

Amy 0 months

As a 7th generation (Spanish/Mexican decent) Californian and a lifelong Republican I resent being labeled and anti-Vaxxer (all my (grown) children were vaccinated, QAnon, white supremacist because I support this egomaniac’s recall effort. This is a big part of the problem, the thought that labeling, cancelling, shaming those who disagree with you is OK. It is not. Neither are his tax, immigration, homeless or COVID response policies. TA TA Newsom.

Heidi 0 months

Grasping at straws again Gavin? He is a sickening disgrace. Californians have had enough of his selfish foolishness. P]]

brian 0 months

As a person who didn’t vote for trump and realistically never will, I put my name on that ballot to recall Newsome. This further proves how delusional and out of touch he is from his constituents He needs to go

michael 0 months

Compared to cuomo and desantis, newsom has no reason for being recalled. In fact, california was very rarely at the top of the covid list.

Tim 0 months

Wait... Is Gavin telling us there can be MASSIVE FRAUD in regards to who holds a public office? Maybe we should check into these things harder.

MF 0 months

Those evil people, and to think they are legal us citizens on top of it all. Wow. In my 43 years since birth, most of which I’ve been living in TX, I’ve never once met anyone I could even remotely identify as a white supremcist. It’s a boogyman. I bet you couldn’t even fill a Hugh school football stadium with all such people in the entire country. We aren’t all so stupid as to believe this garbage.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 0 months

Newsom provides one more reason he should not be governor of CA.

Nathan  Hough
Nathan Hough 0 months

If I was all powerful, I would have him dragged out of office for blaiming it on RaCiSts

Joseph 0 months

He forgot to mention deplorables

Seekster 0 months

California if you don't replace Newsom then you deserve him.

Rafael 0 months

All you trump followers are just mad at loosing the elections and now you want to make it harder for blacks and hispanics to vote. But with all your cheating ways you're not going to stop us we'll just get stronger.

jamie 0 months

It’s always someone else’s fault or doing never a democrats fault

OrKos world
OrKos world 0 months

Newsome needs to abide by the law and if there are enough signatures to boot him out of office then sorry not sorry newsome has to go. The sad realistic news is his aunt old hag pelosi will find a way to stop the petition and ask biden to use his executive power to override the people's vote. Will they throw out the petition claiming illegal signatures or just simply have the bill go missing.

Patty 0 months

SO ridiculous.Time for California to drop into the sea

ttocsick 0 months

Incompetent marxist, it's too late. You've done enough trying your best to phuk up one of the most beautiful states this country has. P¡ss off you phuk

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