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Navalny describes incarceration as ’friendly concentration camp’

Navalny describes incarceration as ’friendly concentration camp’

In a note shared via Instagram, Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny described tight controls at the prison he’s currently being held in. Navalny described the prison, IK-2, also known as the Pokrov Correctional Colony or N2, as a ’friendly concentration camp.’ He said that he hasn’t seen ’even a hint at violence’ at the prison but faced controls that he compared to George Orwell’s 1984.

Dr. Ötker
Dr. Ötker 0 months

Oooh, waiting for his good chums in Germany to call him out for relativisation of the Holocaust. I won’t hold my breath.

Randall 0 months

It's not supposed to be a sabbatical.

Lexus 0 months

Seems legit. Strict rules and nobody wants to give him wifi password. Poor guy had to use his data to post pictures to Instagram

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