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Several U.S. states joined a lawsuit filed by Texas

Several U.S. states joined a lawsuit filed by Texas

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said on Tuesday that several states have joined a lawsuit filed by Texas and others against Google, which accuses it of breaking antitrust laws to boost its online advertising business. These states include Alaska, Florida, Montana, Nevada, and Puerto Rico. It was one of five lawsuits filed last year by the federal government or states against Google and Facebook.

Ben Song
Ben Song
Rocket 0 months

Good! Google went from their FAKE mantra of "do no evil" to perpetuating evil and harmful Censorship in order to push a radical dictatorial agenda. Google has become a monopoly and has violated anti-trust laws going back up to 15 years ago

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 0 months

I knew we were going to have to do this if it was going to get done at all. Democrats in DC are very comfortable just using “big tech” to do the things they can’t. They would never go after them and neither would the Republicans in DC, they had their spines removed. I look forward to my great state seceding and soon becoming (once again) the Republic of Texas.

Robert 0 months

Puerto Rico gained statehood huh?

bill 0 months

No, Dumbo, media will lie to protect you. Unfortunste for you, truth had its day.

kevin 0 months

Long overdue

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