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Russia tried to influence 2020 election, says US intel

Russia tried to influence 2020 election, says US intel

US intel officials said Tuesday that Russian President Putin knew of and likely directed a Russian effort to manipulate the US presidential campaign to benefit ex-President Trump. The report underscored allegations that Trump’s allies played into Moscow’s hands by amplifying claims made against Biden by Russian-linked Ukrainian figures. It added that China ’did not deploy interference efforts.’

Zack 0 months

Uhhh says who? The same intelligence groups that suckle on the domocrats teets??

Reece 0 months

😂😂😂 what a load of crock. Putin openly supported Biden. China openly hated Trump . We have been in a Cold /ar/ Cyber war with China for a decade. You’re going to tell me they sat on their hands? Biden is China’s fair haired boy

MF 0 months

So long as there is some way to blame the evil Trump and is more evil supporters, perfect. After all, we clearly aren’t seeking a unified nation and want war, so let’s keep it up!

Jim Boi
Jim Boi 0 months

What happened we have strong secure elections?

E N..
E N.. 0 months

It's amazing how trump excusers will believe any baseless rumour they hear online or see on newsmax, yet when the intelligence community of their own country warns of a foreign threat to democracy they say they support, its putins hand theyre playing into.

Daniel 0 months

Read the article.... I find it VERY hard to believe China made 0 efforts to influence the election against a president who had put strong Actions against them.

Kyle 0 months

Those the same Intel agencies that talked about Russian collusion and Ukraine gate?

Darknimbus3 0 months

They’re still at this? It’s been 5 years with virtually no proof, demobabies. Yet you keep at it because 🍊 👨 👿

MrLoseddos 0 months

🤣🤣😂😂🤡🤡. Putin openly supported Biden! Wth have they been drinking? Edit: Ahh they are referring to the Hunter Biden laptop that was showed under a rug by MSM. Of course it was the Russians.. 😂😂

Andreas 0 months

That is not a surprise as they did so successfully last time on 2016. Russia directly and indirectly benefitted from the lack of global leadership by the US and the decline in democratic institutions in the US.

A user you may know
A user you may know 0 months

Just like they Intel that said it was the safest and most secure election with a whole 18 hours put into investigation of millions of votes and thousands of polling places. I can't believe people eat up government propaganda so easily. 😂

S 0 months

Of course they did. Trump bent over to all of our foreign adversaries.

caleb 0 months

So the interference was trump admin accusing Biden of something he directly admitted to in an interview? Cmon, I’m down to bash trump but this is a horrible take.

Matthew 0 months

Wow...just wow. Links about Ukraine? You mean the links that were captured on national TV as Biden bragged about getting a Ukrainian investigator fired (the exact same thing that Trump was "impeached" for). The connections gathered from Hunter's laptop that has been verified (only after the election though, couldn't have voters asking who "the big guy" was). How about the connections pointed out by the Biden's confirmed business partner? This is ridiculous. WAPO just came out and nonchalantly just admitted "oh yeah we made up a bunch of stuff about that Georgia call" and will face no backlash. Now they know half the country will eat this up. They don't mention any information regarding the verified laptop or text messages. Let me do it for them. Even though there was an active investigation into Baresma that was quashed immediately after Biden had am investigator fired...that is just a coincidence (also completely different than Trump asking for an investigation). Hunter learned about gas production in rehab...thats why he had to go back so many times...its a lot to learn. That is why he got paid so much to sit on the board of Baresma. Also, Biden did not fly Hunter around to business meetings on AF2. Hunter accidently fell asleep on the plane several times and he is such a good business man that every time they landed he negotiated a new deal. Finally, when Hunter referred to giving a cut of his pay to "the big guy" in verified texts he certainly was not talking about Biden....nnnnoooooo. In fact, Hunter is a huge fan of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The Big Guy refers to James Avery. He played Uncle Phil who's nickname was, you guessed it, the Big Guy.

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 0 months

This you question but jump on "stop the steal" like it's gospel. God Republicans are somehow dummmer than Democrats

Pryotra 0 months

Let me guess, it's from the same folks behind "It's Russia! Save the 2016 election!" And "Look at all these WMDs laying around in Iraq!" And "how did all this crack get into the inner cities?". Am I right?

Mutatis 0 months

So I read the report, and it is exceedingly similar to the 2016 report. Basically, a heavy focus on vague allegations of 'influence', 'troll farms', and 'proxies'. All tied together by the implication of blind trust, as no sources, methods, etc are revealed for ' national security' reasons.

NightWriter17 0 months

The fact that they threw in the "China didn't do it at all" bit just sounds a lot like those weird videos of Uygurs reading scripts in Mandarin and talking about how happy and un-oppressed they are and being specific in saying there is no genocide or forced labor in Xinjiang. Ignore that the Russia narrative was debunked. Ignore that China is openly hostile towards us. It TOTALLY was Russia this time, we swear, and again China had absolutely nothing to do with the results of the US election.

steve 0 months

MAGA denial. Funny how Trump told them the Dems stole the election and they buy it hook line and sinker. CIA tells them Russia tried to sway it to their comrade and total freak out. Cultists one and all.

Idaho Liberal
Idaho Liberal 0 months

T**** loves Russia more than he loves America! Release the pee videos!

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