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Violence Against Women Act to be reauthorized in a vote by the House

Violence Against Women Act to be reauthorized in a vote by the House

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), could be reauthorized via a vote in the House on Wednesday. This landmark law in the year 1994 led to the strengthening of domestic violence protection for women. The measure is set to be passed in the House and was expired two years ago. Even though it is expected to be passed in the House, it could hit a roadblock in the Senate which is evenly divided.

Zion 0 months

They should change the name. Male victims exist, and in terms of finding support, are still in the dark ages. Do something before it becomes an epidemic. The first step is recognizing the problem.

David 0 months

This is confusing. They already are trying to remove any gender term from legislation like mother, daughter, etc. So... according to them.. what is a woman if they can’t make up their minds?

sandwich sorceress
sandwich sorceress 0 months

Don't know if I find this ironic or sad, but didn't Biden or his administration put a stop to Operation Talon that allowed the release of all those illegal criminals most of which were charged as sex offenders?

Bryan_with_a_why 0 months

How are people still this ignorant and gullible after 2020?

coughdrop1989 0 months

Hold up there is a such thing as a woman? Do the democrats know about this?

Test Steam
Test Steam 0 months

I don't know much about the act but why are most republicans against it? I noticed this too "the jurisdiction of tribal authorities over non-Indians who commit a crime in Indian country,” Which seems weird in an act called women... Please I don't want a response like cause republicans are stup!d, I hoping for an educational answer from someone who knows more.

Indo 0 months

It took centuries to arrive. Now that it's here, let's make proper use of it Boyz n girlz.

geckouni 0 months

So many developed countries already have this law for the simple reason male is physically stronger than woman when it comes to aggression and in many ways the women were already discriminated and treated unfairly since history. In a civil world as it is today, I am surprised why it has not been already a law. Is US wants to tell the world they are still a child?

John W
John W 0 months

I'm sure this will be one more, hot mess woke legislation.

Que Pasta
Que Pasta 0 months

This doesn't sound very gender neutral. Where are the enraged wokesters?

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