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Nearest COVID-19 vaccination sites now shown on Apple Maps

Nearest COVID-19 vaccination sites now shown on Apple Maps

New Maps and Search features were announced by Google in mid-January in order to support the ongoing COVID-19 vaccination campaign. With these features, vaccination sites and other information is shown in the apps. A similar approach has been taken by Apple in its maps as well. In these features, the nearest COVID-19 vaccination locations and other relevant information will be displayed by Apple.

GB Oz 0 months

Apple maps, seriously you gotta be kidding. I don’t like google but do use their maps because of past piss poor directions from Apple. I haven’t heard anything from apple to say they’ve fixed it, so, it’s useless But be smart people, I don’t have a google account , I only use maps and Youtube , but not with a google account / email. Ha to google

Doug 0 months

The challenge, of course, is finding a location with a) vaccine *and* b) appointments. So far, impossible here in Boulder County.

World 0 months

No Thanks!! Never going to comply to your EXPERIMENTAL injection!!

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