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US saw huge surge in white supremacist propaganda in 2020, report says

US saw huge surge in white supremacist propaganda in 2020, report says

A study by the non-profit group Anti-Defamation League revealed that the US saw a steep rise in white supremacist propaganda in 2020. It said there were 5,125 incidents of white supremacist propaganda, which was an average of 14 per day. This was almost double of the 2,724 such incidents reported in 2019. It also showed the rise of supremacist groups that didn’t exist before Donald Trump’s term.

Tengu 0 months

The left: we demand that everyone view everything through a racial supremacist framework! Also the left: why are white people viewing things through a racial framework?!

Cory 0 months

It's not that there is more white supremacism, it's that the definition of white supremacism has gotten wider and more vague to include more things

Vark 0 months

We also expanded the term white supremacist to anything that left hates. Anti-immigration is now constituent for white supremacy views according to "social justice" groups. I mean, hell, 4chan tricked the left into thinking the OK-sign is secretly a W.P. sign and they fell for it.

Scipio 0 months

Anything critical of BLM, the Democrats, the woke cult or Antifa are seen as white supremacy... It's getting to be that even black people are accused of being white supremacists...

John W
John W 0 months

But 1000% increase in black supremacists propaganda and violence against jews and Asians by blacks. Then the media claims it is white supremacists. Suspect in Jersey City Linked to Black Hebrew Israelite Group The Black Hebrew Israelites have been labeled a hate group. The suspect wrote anti-Semitic and anti-police posts, an official said. LA Jews reeling after local institutions looted and burned in Floyd protests Synagogues, schools and Jewish memorials vandalized with anti-Semitic, anti-Israel slogans, Jewish-owned businesses battered, particularly in Fairfax district Second Suspect Arrested in Fatal Oakland Assault, Robbery of 75-Year-Old Asian Man Suspect in latest Oakland attack of Asian-American victim ID'd Videos of Blacks attacking chinese people near oakland.

michael 0 months

Pardon me......DDDUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHH. that's what happens when you elect a white supremacist. He said what he was at his first rally. The moment he claimed that mexico was sending drug dealers and rapists, everybody knew exactly what he was. If you LIKED racism, you liked trump. If you were a non racist republican, you tolerated him because fox lies to you about which party actually supports people (not one republican voted for biden's covid relief even though they voted for relief under trump).

C 0 months

All the racist things I have seen stem from black groups. Although all lives matter, the black lives matter left pastor corey brooks of chicago's project H.O.O.D. with nothing. This IS the best place to help the black community in chicago. I reject black lives matters reluctance to give 1 cent of the 80 million to the best cause in chicago. I do not support them. I do support pastor brooks with money. And I'm white. Do you support him? No? Bigot!

Aleks 0 months

White supremacist are people that think the USA would be better off if it was inhabited only by White people...easy Now that I gave you the definition let’s count how many people are indeed White supremacists

Randall 0 months

Dam! The white supremacists are coming out in droves to defend themselves. If you're arguing this point, you are a white supremacist.

Trevelyn 0 months

I have witnessed a increase in comunist ideology being pushed on American people . Yet Mainstream Media refuses to acknowledge that is taking place .Makes you wonder who's righting their checks .

Duncan 0 months


Jon 0 months

No surprise there they have been enabled like never before the last few years.

VI Trotsky
VI Trotsky 0 months

Where all the trump defenders at?

Prince Azmiran
Prince Azmiran 0 months

What are they including in the term "white supremacy". I doubt its an honest label most of the time.

MrLoseddos 0 months

ADL!! To quote MIDESSA: bwaahaahaa!! 🤡🤡

Deet 0 months

Another type of organization that is trally just propaganda

E N..
E N.. 0 months

So many people out to make excuses for white supramacy by pretending not to know what it is.

Mandraquex3000 0 months

Lol... the ADL... what a joke.

Beisht Kione
Beisht Kione 0 months

What does white supremacy mean, precisely?

Kenneth 0 months

Balance of nature,the rise of blm has caused it!!!!

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