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’I hope that happens,’ Trump on rumors of Meghan Markle’s run for president

’I hope that happens,’ Trump on rumors of Meghan Markle’s run for president

Reacting to rumors around Meghan Markle’s potential 2024 presidential bid, ex-President Trump said Tuesday that if that proves to be true, he’d have an ’even stronger feeling toward running.’ Earlier in the interview, Trump would not confirm whether he planned to run again. Trump added that he is ’not a fan’ of Markle because of the way ’she talks about — the royal family, and the Queen.’

Robert_Clearwater 0 months

Her personage is tainted with monarchy. Those who espouse or participate in that archaic system are ineligible for office in my opinion. No dynasty politics.

michael 0 months

No thanks. Not for racial reasons, I just don't think she has any qualifications. Being incredibly wealthy is NOT a sign of any kind of virtue. Hint hint.

James 0 months

Markle "is rumoured" to be considering a run for US president in 2024. Rumoured by whom? The usual group of cheap tabloids with their click bait articles founded on nothing.

World 0 months


Eric 0 months

Her running for President is as false as saying JFK junior is alive and fighting against the deep state along with Trump.

Rafael 0 months

So what qualifications did trump have for running for president besides having the claim of being a billionaire. I would vote for Megan anytime over lying trump

VI Trotsky
VI Trotsky 0 months

Trump is such a man of the people. Nothing like defending a rascist monarch for the working class. I wonder why white supremacists support trump when he just comes out randomly and says this drivel.

Kenneth 0 months

Maybe if she runs people will show her what a racist bitch she is????

Nelson 0 months

So the choice in 2024 will be between a narcissist and trailer trash. God bless America.

edwin 0 months

Lol, sorry but a sociopath with ties to foreign royalty is bad enough. Add in no qualms with breaking the law or treating family(who did everything for her) like they are dead. And let's not even get started on the issue of ap presidential hopeful who has pictures floating around of them nearly naked(suits). All in all, I doubt this would work.

Aleks 0 months

This is again right wing bs to give racists something to talk about... leave Meghan alone

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 0 months

Pure vile trash gold digging pig no thanks. Candace Owens will be the first full black president

Karen Shae
Karen Shae 0 months

Lol so he doesn’t like it because she talks about the royal family; It’s probably his projection of her not being loyal to him. It’s called exposure. Pathetic . Talk about weak!!!

Randy 0 months

Some... people... want Markle to be Canada's Governor General... basically Canada's Queen when Liz isn't around.

Faittastic 0 months

God no

Luke 0 months

What exactly qualifies Markle to be President?

Dan 0 months

Hey, there will be idiots voting for her.

Osuror 3 weeks

What're people talking about qualifications? The US hasn't had a qualified president since Obama left office and probably won't for awhile. If this gibberish speaker can be president, why can't spoiled little Megan? At least she's young lol.

Conundrumb 0 months

This is in jest, I'm sure. She has no qualifications, though Trudeau is the pm in Canada.

John 0 months

Doesn't DT know his opinions don't matter anymore?

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