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’I’m a Mac’ actor hired by Intel as they mock Apple

’I’m a Mac’ actor hired by Intel as they mock Apple

The former ’I’m a Mac’ guy from Apple has currently been claiming that MacBooks now suck as they are not based on x86-chips. Actor Justin Long was a part of the catchy ’I’m a Mac’ commercials by Apple which wrankled PC fans for years from the late 2000s. Videos have been posted on YouTube which attack the Mac platform over their lack of touchscreens, 2-in-1 capability, and hardware diversity.

Lcifer 0 months

Comical guess the "Mac guy" finally realized you get at least 2x the computer for half the price buying a windows machine

Milkshake 0 months

Intel is as bad as Apple on some very same things. However if they truly want to mock Apple, just get Louis Rossmann to rant against Apple, nobody is more qualified than the man whose job is to fix their broken and intentionally-sabotaged designs.

Viviko 0 months

I’m a Mac... I no longer run Intel.

Malu.u 3 weeks

Mac and Intel are drafting up a deal.

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