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Atlanta shooter identified; described as ’big into religion’

Atlanta shooter identified; described as ’big into religion’

The suspect in the shootings at three Atlanta massage parlors on Tuesday that left eight people dead has been identified as 21-year-old Robert Aaron Long. Long, of Woodstock, was taken into custody in Crisp County, about 240 km south of Atlanta, after a manhunt of a few hours. A motive is not yet known. Long has been described by a former classmate as ’sorta nerdy’ and ’big into religion.’

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 0 months

Not surprised that radical religious doctrine contributed to this.

Delta Jade
Delta Jade 0 months

Who's religion? Most religions that I know of, don't support you killing people! Let me know if I'm wrong, tell me the religion and let everyone know his religion!

Jon 0 months

He was not “big into religion”!! he was a sex addict who was trying to remain celibate and he found the Korean massage parlors violated his attempt to purge himself of his sex addiction and instead those places represented in undeniable attraction. He even told the police that that is why he went on his murder spree because he wanted to put that urge to rest. What does newspaper right here is doing is irresponsible journalism trying to stir the pot by straight out wine.

Emmie 0 months

He may have been into "religion," but that's not the same thing as living for Jesus. To quote a Wayne Watson song, "That's not Jesus, he doesn't carry on this way. Just some flesh and blood like you and me, somehow gone astray."

John W
John W 0 months

Woke is the new religion, it's caused billions in damage and over 30 deaths. If you take one away people replace it with something worst.

michael 0 months

He has admitted to the murders. But he claims he was just "having a bad day" and wanted to "remove what was tempting his sex addiction" So he has poor impulse control, and targeted specifically asian women working in a vulnerable community of trafficked humans.

VI Trotsky
VI Trotsky 0 months

Wonder if the rascist on here are going to be upset that this suspect wasn’t shot? I mean your tax payer dollars are going to have to pay for him to my o to prison and get high. Or does that only go for POC?

karl 0 months

Religion is 🗑. The only positives that we have found that come from worship is the social aspect of being a part of a small community, which religion is not required.

Joe 0 months

He's got a weak jawline like elliot rogers. The internet needs to mock this loser until his court ordered execution

Tired of the BS
Tired of the BS 0 months

I’m so shocked!! Biden and his Democrats found a way to immediately blame Trump and Republicans, without a shred of evidence to support, for a sex addict going on a killing spree just because some of the people killed were Asian and therefore he must have been a racist inspired by Trump and Co. to target Asians. Wow.. I’d say that was an original doozy, but we’ve seen this playbook used too many times over the past 4 years. Utterly and desperately ridiculous. Oh.. and tell me again who the racists are? There’s only one party that sees race in everything and that’s not the Republican Party. They are so worried about Trump running again in 2024 that this is already their main focus. Biden hasn’t even started to accomplish anything in this presidency, except signa bunch of orders that made a huge mess of everything, and he’s already campaigning for the next one and slamming his (not even yet declared) opponent at every opportunity. Talk about TDS!! Instead of going on a tour to promote the stimulus package, which was already in Congress before Biden even took office, and which is chock full of Democrat ear marks rather than actual Covid relief, he should be at the border fixing the mess he’s made down there!!! Try actually being a president who gets good things done for America... you know, run on your merits... instead of relying on your party, mainstream media puppets and general ignorance to win elections for you. I know, that’s a very novel concept to a career politician, but just try it... for once. Oh... and about that “I’ll be a president for all Americans” promise (lie) you gave in your inaugural speech... yeah, you already completely trashed that one on your first day in office.

bill 0 months

Racist cops defend shootings as not racially motivated, a detail not reported by by most media. So here we are with ‘the killer just had a bad day’, which was reported by the media. These are our information meals we are expected to swallow whole.

Nelson 0 months

To be 'into religion' does not imply a motive for killing, it merely shows that he is a weak minded individual given over to flights of fantasy and delusion

Darknimbus3 0 months

⚪️🗑. https///youtu.b//797BNtfOkIA

Duncan 0 months

This is how it starts

Jon 0 months

Overly religious and sex addiction are what I saw so far.

Roland Pittman
Roland Pittman 0 months

Big into religion? You mean like thou shalt not kill and such?

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 0 months

Here we go people about to jump on a band wagon saying religion is the cause.. religion is evil w/o evidence religion played any part

cooldude 0 months

Religion of peace? Maybe some other group?

Paraffin 0 months

"described by a former classmate" Im sure theres no bias there, as we all know, classmates are the most upstanding and accurate when it comes to gossip and conjecture

Matt 0 months

Is the motive that they refused to give him a happy ending

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