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House Democrats renew push for ’Medicare for All’

House Democrats renew push for ’Medicare for All’

Progressive Democrats are renewing their push for ’Medicare for All.’ They say the Covid-19 pandemic has exposed the urgent need for an overhaul of the country’s healthcare system. Representatives Pramila Jayapal and Debbie Dingell introduced the Medicare for All Act of 2021, which seeks to make the US a single-payer model with government-run health plan providing insurance to all Americans.

Pocky 0 months

Considering how poorly the goverment does everything I can only hope they fail. I am not looking forward to massive taxes and worse service. I can't afford health insurance and this will only make it worse as the taxes will likely make it hard to afford necessities.

Martin 0 months

Sounds good in theory and does work under the right circumstances but, people believing that the government and politicians will support their interests and not their own is just been delusional. They're completely ignoring the money in politics and how policies always works in their favour. Personally, I've seen things like trade unions F over the majority of people for their own interests. Government and private will work together to get what they want. Just be wary.

Dania 0 months

Excellent idea as studies show Americans in general pay way too much for healthcare. Insurance companies profit from denying claims and clients don’t get the care they need.

EverythingisStupid 0 months

America has insane medical prices because America is number one in development of most treatments and care. America has insane medical prices because the insurance companies can contract with doctors to make things too expensive without the input of insurance. America has insane medical prices because a lot of what Americans have done is more or less optional. America trains some of the best doctors in the world, who are willing to work in America because they will earn the appropriate amount for their labor. Take a deep look at any other country with single payer. Their medical systems are crap, they have insanely long wait times, and/or they do not offer the more expensive (and often more effective) options. Their governments are in so much debt that many of them are shutting parts of the healthcare system down. America is an insanely diverse country on a global scale. A "one size fits all" will not work. The answer to this isn't to have taxpayers paying for healthcare. The answer to this is divesting the insurance system from it's ties to employment and outlawing the under-the-table deal making that many of these companies do. If you look at medical systems that are not tied to insurance, they are insanely cheep on a relative scale. Your hospital wants to charge five million for my heart cath? Fine. I'm not being forced by my insurance to go to this hospital. I'll go to the one in the next town over that will do it for one million. Give the consumer power. That's how you bring costs down.

Robert_Clearwater 0 months

I don't like the idea of someone in Washington making health care decisions for me. If they have the power to give they also have the power to take away. "Oh, gee, we'd love to help your 71 year old grandpa stay alive for maybe another two decades, but he's too old so I'm sorry the tribunal has decided to let him die."

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 0 months

Medicare for all in the US is far overdue. With a private insurance system that has literally made trillions in profits over the years, has bankrupted millions, and an untold amount of people refuse needed medical care because of the cost it is certainly time for M4A. We pay more per capita that’s any other country yet rank somewhere in the 20s worldwide—very inefficient and wasteful. This is what you get when you have your medical system run like a business—corners are cut and prices are raised in the name of profit. M4A will centralize patient records and medical history which will lead to more efficient and informed patient care, not to mention less administrative waste in terms of dollars and time. For those that are concerned with taxes I explore you to take a look at how much you are paying for health insurance now. Check the details in your paystub and then take a look at your insurance provider’s website. How much is your deductible? What is your co pay? What is covered and what isn’t? How much would you pay out of pocket for common procedures? For uncommon ones? What if you lost your job? Can you afford COBRA? Can anyone unemployed afford COBRA?! The United States is the only wealthy country in the world where bankruptcy and avoiding medical care exists because of a for profit healthcare system. The health insurance industry has lobbied for decades against M4A for a reason. It is time to change our system and give the people the healthcare we deserve.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 0 months

This is a good idea, but not now. The economy is on life support but recovering and the amount of money that has been printed since the pandemic is astronomical. To implement a type of universal health care at this point would probably lead to more issues.

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 0 months

M4A or single payer. You can call it whatever as long as it reforms the United States third world healthcare. Which is long overdue.

Seekster 0 months

Create more competition in health care services to lower prices.

Rocky 0 months

No human with a brain should support this. It's simple the government can't give you anything you can't provide for yourself more efficiently and at a higher quality. When you give someone $10 they can't take a cut (which is what the government does) and give you back $10 in services. It is not physically possible.

Duncan 0 months

Are they going to penalize us again for not having it? Obamacare was extortion and this will be to if we're forced to pay. Seems kind of stupid to force someone to pay a penalty for not being able to afford something.

Aaron 0 months I highly recommend reading the whole thing, but to summize, america has the lowest life expectancy and highest suicide rates of the 11 nations compared, while still spending nearly twice as much. We're paying more and getting worse results.

michael 0 months

Good luck, we're all going to need it.

Deet 0 months

Those democrates are really living in a fantasy world. All western countries with a public health sustem are on their knees because a public system is shit. Just look at canada or the UK

Lcifer 0 months

Well of course they do they just wanna raise taxes and have a "reason" to it other then just saying outright we gonna use this for what ever we want

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 0 months

So let's make our healthcare worst!!! Yay!!

david dindu
david dindu 0 months

Like jimmy doore said they could've pushed it with the covid relief bill that just passed. No way the dems aren't giving a stimulus. At least force the vote

Mark East
Mark East 0 months

We need single payer like the rest of the developed world our for profit health care system is terrible it's unaffordable for too many Americans

Burger 0 months

Just call it the “patriot American USA don’t take my guns if you don’t vote for this you are a socialist from Venezuela who loves Hugo Chavez and sleeps with George soros” bill, and it will get votes from every republican except for rand Paul.

a commoner
a commoner 0 months

As long as our reps are in the pockets of the lobbyists this won't happen. Insurance companies have a very healthy bottom line thanks to obummercare. They will pay even more to keep the system the way it is. I for one am not for Medicare for all because the people who work will pay for it. The wealthy certainly won't. As a funny sidebar, when I first glanced at the headline I thought it said Mediocre for all. Maybe my mind is tweaking it to read what Medicare for all really means.

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