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Wanted man arrested near VP Harris house

Wanted man arrested near VP Harris house

A Texas man wanted by the police was stopped by the U.S. Secret Service & arrested Wednesday afternoon near the Washington residence of V.P. Kamala Harris, authorities said. Police found a rifle, a large amount of ammunition & several magazines in a car belonging to the man after he told them it was parked in a garage several miles away near the Washington Convention Center, according to NBC 4

Bulwark AC
Bulwark AC
Jack K
Jack K 0 months

Wtf is a “large capacity ammuntition feeding device” Hahahahahahahahahaha! 🤡🤡🤡

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 0 months

Guy drives by and happens to park near her house... gets arrested for "threatening the vp" ok... is there any proof he explicitly did this for political means

O.T.Q.D 0 months

Alright. So his car was in a garage several miles away. He was outside the Naval Observatory, and the VP isn't even staying there right now they are living elsewhere. He wasn't any where near the VP. This headline is very deceptive. What is an high capacity ammunition feeder? Unregistered ammunition? Does each cartridge need to be registered? What? The only reason he was picked up was the secret service got a notice that he had a warrant out for him, not because he was being an active threat.

Pryotra 0 months

People should understand just how angry Texans are at the nation betraying Texas again. Texas was willing to continue fighting the Civil war if the Union didn't acknowledge them as a state like they had agreed when Texas joined the Union. Ever since, Texas has been teaching it's history, including the Unions first betrayal of this state. By SCOTUS refusing to do their job and mediate a dispute between our state and others, then we are still not being treated as a state, and are ready to pickup that fight right where we left it. Except now, we have much more knowledge of physics, enough oil to barter with the US, and an understanding that the Union is willing to do some exceptionally heinous shit to what it considers it's citizens (see Sherman's March). If the US wants to peacably resolve this, they have 2 options. Either hold a constitutional convention, with the current federal government stepping down, or allow us a peaceful exit. If neither comes to pass, war is inevitable. I personally don't need Texas to pay me like Sherman to do just as heinous shit to this treacherous union. I can only imagine how much rage my fellow Texans hold.

Seekster 0 months

Words cannot explain the historical comedy of the fact that Kamala is living in Blair House given its namesake. Absolutely hilarious.

Ian.. 0 months

Lmao theres so much mental gymnastics going on in these insinuations

Jon 0 months

Parked in a garage SEVERAL MILES AWAY? What was the assassination plan, to lure the Vice President into giving him a ride to his car?

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 0 months

Mmmhmm ,gotta love that delicious spin with lots of details still MIA. I've given up on strong discourse, at this point if you're gullible enough to fall for the spin on either side, that's on you.

Alex 0 months

Another White supremacist looking for Asians.

Aleks 0 months

There you go the white supremacist threat that they have been telling us about

Vincenzo 0 months

You mean magazine, a clip would imply that he is using a very old bolt action or a m1 garand.

Iam 0 months

This doesn't surprise me. You can NOT trample peoples rights, push them into the dirt, take their livelyhood, threaten their health, and expect not to have some that #Pushback. Many know what is going down, soon she will have Biden removed using the 25th Amendment. She will become the first COMMUNIST president. She will create some emergency, create a threat, so she can create a police state, and become the new dictator.

Tj 0 months

The CNBC reporting fills the gap of why a man on a bike with his car parked no where near the site was arrested. There was an intelligence report on the man sent from Texas. So was he doing reconnaissance? Story is just breaking so stop with the guns weren’t even close nonsense. Sure we’d like to hear more about the intelligence report, but we should all be happy that our intelligence agencies are now working as intended. Whether he is guilty or innocent remains to be seen.

Duncan 0 months

Can we call her the Blair witch?

Neala 0 months

This is disgusting! I hope they lock away the key!

Luddite 0 months

damn he chickened out

ruben 0 months

Nut jobs and their guns.

Tengu 0 months

Do you really have to register ammunition in DC? 113 rounds aka 2 boxes and some loose rounds.

Leonard 0 months


bhp 0 months

What is a gun clip?

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