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Perseverance captures sounds of driving on Mars for the first time

Perseverance captures sounds of driving on Mars for the first time

In yet another first, NASA’s Perseverance rover on Mars recorded audio of itself traveling over the surface of the red planet. As the rover started to move on the Martian surface leaving tracks, the sensitive ’entry, descent, and landing’ microphone on it recorded the sounds of the robot’s six wheels as they rolled. The microphone recorded over 16 minutes of the sounds of Perseverance’s drive.

Seekster 0 months

Its pointing out that the atmosphere on Mars is extremely thin so any sounds will be very faint. A scream on Mars would sound more like a whisper to give you a frame of refence. Its also worth noting that the rovers wheels are metal and most of Mars's surface is covered in iron-oxide which explains the metal on metal sounds.

Indo 0 months

Dont mind them. They are just the living dead or walking dead or something of the sort.

Trevor 0 months

C'mon y'all. Mysterious scratching noise? Headlines are brazingly misleading or untruthful sometimes. Anyway, super awesome. I'm looking forward to what Rover will find.

Special Ed
Special Ed 0 months

Let the Martians itch in peace. Martian lives matter.

Barry 0 months

SpaceX launch the other day and there was a large number of "mysterious lights in the sky" stories. Of course they all explained immediately what it was but they got their ad revenue by then

Jaye Muller
Jaye Muller 0 months

In all these decades they never had a microphone there? Tss...

Arker 0 months

If you read the article, this "mysterious scratching noise" is the sound of the rover the microphone is attached to as it traverses the planet. Not DJ Martian mixing records.

Malu.u 3 weeks

I’m stunned a regular microphone could withstand Mars’ atmosphere and get us a sample! Way to go to the curious monkeys who Finally thought of lending an ear to the martian bot’s lonely expedition!!

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