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FBI releases 10 ’most egregious’ videos of Capitol riot

FBI releases 10 ’most egregious’ videos of Capitol riot

The FBI released 10 new videos showing – what the agency called – the ’most egregious attacks on law enforcement’ during the January 6 storming of the US Capitol. The agency has appealed to the public to help in identifying the individuals who are seen beating and spraying officers with unknown chemicals. So far, the FBI has arrested more than 300 individuals with the help of public.

VI Trotsky
VI Trotsky 0 months

What happen to back the blue? Do you think blue lives matter was just an opposition to Black Lives Matter because these people were racist? Because this doesn’t sound like blue lives matter. Or does blue lives matter only when they take black lives?

World 4 weeks

Amazing documentary with whistleblower from 91st cyber warfare division, it is called "Psyop the Steal" and exposes people who are paid to play both adopted provacateur John Sullivan who was paid 75k for his recordings as he dressed up like trumper and brought his Insurgence USA clowns along. The doc is found at

Cory 4 weeks

Can I see the faces and arrests of the antifa/blm riots? Oh wait i forgot, burning down communities and beating people with opposing opinions to a pulp is peaceful now

Evan 3 weeks

FORMER POTUS Mr Trump MUST BE JOKING!!.... (ie. an "Irish!!??!!..." "Joke!!?!!!!... " in order to be precise). MR TRUMP SHOULD HAVE ACCEPTED (instead of systematically objecting & denying the official clear/clement "elections results" of "votes-counting", across USA, fanatizing consequently& unfortunately thus Mr Trump, some very very small portion fortunately a very small "handful" of his fans,which unfortunately - to our very very big surprise, not believing even to our own "very eyes", watching TV, in Europe etc, my own one, also included- became a "coup-invading" mob ) HIS DEVASTATING DEFEAT, from the very first beginning (after the known NovemberPOTUS elections), & THE FINAL SOLEMN OFFICIAL CLEAR ELECTORATE COLLEGE 's "FAIR & SQUARE/JUST" "RESULTS ANNOUNCEMENTS" & the US VOTERS' /US PEOPLE CLEAR DEMOCRATIC VERDICT TO MR BIDEN, BECOMING thus THE New 46th POTUS, WITH A VERY CLEAR MARGIN OF 15 millions VOTES , ie. 90 millions "FOR" POTUS MR BIDEN, versus 75 millions Reps "AGAINST" . INDISCRIMINATELY (&FREE & practically UNCONTROLLED) GUNS POSSESSION (&USAGE),BY ALMOST ALL🇺🇸 INDIVIDUALS EVERYWHERE (eve" "for Chri't's !!... sake!!."." i" "demonstrations!!.."."),ARE unfortunately, regrettabl& &INCREDIBLY UNBELIEVABLE FOR US (eg EUROPEANS like me etc) ,eg plain anonymous democrati" "peace-keep"r" unarmed European people, me also included )&,& ALL GUNS, SHOULD BE COMPLETEL& & TOTALLY BANNE& & CONFISCATED ACROSS USA, IN ORDER TO BECOME 🇺🇸, LIKE EUROPE (EU, UK etc), which the latter"is "A REAL PARA"ISE", COMPA&ED & IN FULL CONTRAST TO THE unfortunate"y " ALI"&👽 "& VERY GRIM, "🇸 US ""EALITY".

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