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House Republicans demand hearing on border migrant surge

House Republicans demand hearing on border migrant surge

Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee are demanding for a hearing on the surge of migrants at the country’s border with Mexico. They say the influx could pose risks to national security. They are also warning that the rising number of migrants will see a rise in criminal activities in the country. US Border Patrol figures show apprehensions at the border topped 100,000 in February.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 0 months

We need the minute men or a new militia to form so we can protect the country from foriegn invaders.

Lisa 4 weeks

Trump's wall was not such a bad idea, aye?

World 4 weeks

I love watching hearings...cant wait for this one!!!!

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 4 weeks

I'm sure the Harris administration, with Joe Biden, will circle back to it....... eventually.

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