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Atlanta shooting suspect says he wanted to ’eliminate’ his sex drive

Atlanta shooting suspect says he wanted to ’eliminate’ his sex drive

Robert Aaron Long, the 21-year-old suspect in Atlanta-area shootings, told police that he attacked the spas because he wanted to ’eliminate’ his compulsive sex drive, media reported. However, police are still looking for other possible motivations. The shootings left 8 dead, including 7 women. Six of Long’s victims are of Asian origin. Police said it was too soon to say if Long acted out of hate.

O'Brien 0 months

“Nothing off the table” = “we’ll find a way to make this white people’s fault no matter how deranged the tenuous and implausible connections are”.

RadicalCentristIlluminati 0 months

Asians were murdered The media: “anti-Asian hate crime!!!” Me, exhausted from the lies: “’This dumb kid is going to end up being some crazy little pervert who was destined to do something drastic because of his mindset, and he would’ve blamed it on being an incel even if he hadn’t been soliciting prostitution. This is not terror based racial hatred.” So who was right? Is the media ever right with their identity-obsessed, ratings obsessed yellow journalism?

michael 0 months

He should have used the gun on his balls instead then.

Frank 0 months

So why didn't he castrate himself instead of murdering people?

Rugged Individualist
Rugged Individualist 0 months

Sorry but the media is adamantly attempting to further stoke racial tensions, blame white supremacy ect, so they will need to have their fact checkers look into the killers statement and make the necessary corrections to ensure the proper narrative is met. 👍🏾

Nathan 0 months

Maybe the murdered victims were Asian because Asian women worked in the “massage” parlors. Sounds like Atlants has a prostitution problem they need to address. Who is in charge of inspecting these parlors?

The Oracle8191
The Oracle8191 0 months

"And there it is: the alleged killer has said point blank that he did not target his victims because they were Asian, that their race was just a coincidence. But disparate impact theory makes his murders racist, even if the killer himself said they were not, and even if all the available evidence indicates that these killings were acts of a depraved man who was driven to homicide by his sexual urges. It just feels too good to our elites — media, professors, et alia — to blame their ideological enemies."

World 0 months

It is all a part of the Great Reset agenda, hegelian dialectic... Problem..reaction..solution!!!!! If there is a racism streak...then you can shield that race from certain crimes. Notice this happened right after the light was being directed at China GENOCIDE???

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