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Iowa house passes bill easing state’s gun laws

Iowa house passes bill easing state’s gun laws

The Iowa house passed a gun bill that drops the permit requirement to carry a concealed weapon for self-defense, thus making it easier for gun owners to carry their guns in public. However, federal background checks of buyers are required by dealers. This comes despite warnings it may escalate gun violence in the state. The bill now goes to the senate. Eighteen other states have a similar law.

Leonard 0 months

Things liberals have ruined: They've ruined Youth Sports, the News Media, Football, our National Anthem, Dr Seuss, Universities, nearly all Holidays, the traditional family, California, elections in general, Scouting, and Controlled Immigration. They've ruined schools, social media, masculinity, and Hollywood. They've ruined 'winning', Judges and Courts, Colorado, Men's and Women's Bathrooms, Christmas, big cities, dating, and Police. Add to this list of things liberals have ruined: progress made in race relations, dining out in restaurants, Late Night TV. Daytime TV, Mr Potato Head, women's soccer, health insurance, the Oscars, parades, and marriage. History, prayer, the concept of 'gender', Emergency Rooms flooded with no-pay illegals and hunting and trapping as well as Peaceful Protests, and Energy Independence. They have ruined the Constitutional process and meaning of Impeachment, pancake batter mix, and any chance for realistic measures to adjust to the Earth's natural climate fluxes and Military Physical Minimum Standards. I could go on and on. But, let's let our liberal nutjob friends list all the things Republicans have ruined. I can't think of a single one to start with. Waiting... waiting...

James 0 months

Two of the three arrivals linked have nothing to do with the tag line

Duncan 0 months

I'm glad more and more states are allowing Constitutional Carry. An armed society is a polite society.

Leonard 0 months

"Don't come, yet", says OBiden. "We'll send you a mail-in ballot down there."

michael 0 months

Concealed carry doesn't protect the weilder. Open carry discourages attackers. Concealing a weapon is for murderers and criminals. Real Americans aren't afraid to show people they won't be messed with.

IIzard 0 months

Good. Shall not be infringed.

Dustin 4 weeks

Yes shirrr

rohan 0 months

I wonder wats gonna happen when someone is having a bad day

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 0 months

Excellent might have to move there next.

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