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’Still disturbed’ by the Capitol riot: George W. Bush

’Still disturbed’ by the Capitol riot: George W. Bush

Former president George W. Bush said he still feels ’disturbed’ when he thinks about the Capitol riots which took place on January 6. Mr. Bush said that he was sick to his stomach ’to see our nation’s Capitol being stormed by hostile forces.’ The 74-year-old further said that the insurrection ’undermines the rule of law and the ability to express yourself in peaceful ways in the public square.’

Rocket 4 weeks

Are you really "disturbed" little Georgie?!🤡💩 Why wer'n't you DISTURBED by the MASSIVE VIOLENT RIOTS that tool place ALL OVER THE USA during 2020 and continuing into 2021 in COMMUNIST strongholds like Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, and Milwaukee?!! Just get back your Nursing Home jr! 🤢

GB Oz 4 weeks

I thought he was dead

Duncan 0 months

He wasn't sick to his stomach when he was bombing middle eastern children tho.

World 4 weeks

GTF0 of here with the p00. George the ly!ng puppet...NWO pawn!! Wow they have censored a lot of words...

Evan 3 weeks

It's natural for Former POTUS Mr Bush to be "irritated", by the Capitol SouthAmerican "coup riots" of (fortunately) only a "handful" of heavily armed very fanatic Rep mob-protesters, because: if Former POTUS Mr Donald Trump, INSTEAD OF REJECTING & DENYING US PEOPLE VERDICT , WERE ACCEPTED from the first beginning, ( ie. congratulating immediately Mr Biden as he should, & being present at the latter's inauguration as he should - Mr Trump officially stated that he won't be present 30 days before inauguration& did , as he said 1 month later, not being present at the inauguration process at the capitol , where unfortunately, only due to ONLY Mr TRUMP's RESPONSIBILITY the Capitol's mob riots did occurred & inauguration process was Postponed, not being also present even during the official inauguration day, his last chance to reunite the Nation after the Capitol's riots, & & also not being present in the normal White House POTUS ' SOLEMN SUCCESSION of new POTUS Mr BIDEN at the White House as he should, instead of forewarning media that he won't be present-as he finally did- at the normal White House succession 1 month later, in January), HIS OBVIOUS ( from the end of November to the beginning of December), "FAIR & JUST " & VERY CLEAR & CLEMENT " landslide-DEFEAT" FROM THE VERY FIRST BEGINNING , as I said, THEN ABSOLUTELY NO POSTELECTION-RIOTS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED AT ALL ACROSS USA (INCLUDED , the very very" unfortunate " POST-ELECTION CAPITOL'S UNPRECEDENTED EPISODE WHICH episode COULD HAVE BEEN COMPLETELY AVOIDED ). Another reason that Former POTUS Mr Bush, might???? be??? irritated??? , is that reading the US Political History, when he confronted Mr Al Ghor (where Mr BUSH was succefully elected, gaining his 2nd consecutive POTUS Admin), Mr Bush became POTUS with a very very slight difference of about (if I am not mistaken 534 votes (in the Pan-American national level-less than 600 votes is definite) , from Mr Al Ghor & immediately Mr Ghor, recognized officially his defeat & congratulated Mr BUSH for his election, being also present in Bush's inauguration too , IN FULL CONTRAST UNFORTUNATELY (&it's really very very sad, dissapointing& regrettable) TO MR TRUMP'S not civil, ATTITUTE).

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