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SF man arrested for attacking elderly Asian man and woman

SF man arrested for attacking elderly Asian man and woman

A day after the Atlanta shootings, Xiao Zhen Xie, 75, was standing at a San Francisco intersection when a white man ran up to her and punched her face. The perpetrator Steven Jenkins, 39, also attacked an 83-year-old Vietnamese American man. The GoFundMe pages for two elderly, Asian victims of assault in San Francisco have raised nearly $800,000 from donors around the world.

Tyrannus Patriarchus
Tyrannus Patriarchus 0 months

Dickhead decks an old lady but he ends up in a stretcher haha 😂 karma does exist.

Andrew 0 months

I encourage all of you to research crime against asian americans in recent years and take note of the usual suspects. This article and the terrible shootings earlier this week reveal that even Newsvoice can't save us from biased media.

edwin 0 months

Hey, for once we get pictures of the perp. Didnt get those for the three that robbed that asian guy in the bay area, but that was a mixed race crew and none of the were white so...

John W
John W 0 months

Being this is San Francisco, could this guy just be one of thousands of homeless they let roam without fixing. open restroom insane asylum. Drug den. San Francisco’s poop problem is only getting worse Open Drug Use Has Exploded In San Francisco, Pushing The City's Liberal Image To The Limit "They’re doing it more blatantly now. They know they’re not going to get in trouble or get arrested."

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 0 months

Asians, buy guns. Learn from the rooftop koreans. You have a right to defend yourselves and your businesses.

The Right Perspective
The Right Perspective 0 months

I can't believe anyone would be so cowardly as to punch unsuspecting elderly people. I hope the perpetrator spends a long time in a cell.

Derek 0 months

Bosses at biased news outlets: “okay team, it’s time play up the race card so we can continue to divide America and advance our left-leaning agenda. This time it’s going to be anti-Asian racism, playing off of those shootings in Atlanta, which were more about some guy’s sxual problems than race. But why should the facts count for anything? Go out and scour all of the crime stories and find the one where a white person is the criminal and Asians are victims. We will put that one in the headlines. Ignore all other crimes involving all other races, we are on a mission here!”

Mandraquex3000 0 months

Forget about the Asian demographic, this shit's been happening to the elderly for years

Milkshake 0 months

Still waiting for news of a white Karen attacking them. Probably gonna come out of California too if not Florida. American white Karens say some of the nastiest of stuff against Asian women, even that poor Japanese girl who teaches American women how to do basic house chores that every 12 year old in this region of the World knows is getting just the worst of online abuse to her name from white Karens with inferiority complexes. It's sad.

Kyle 0 months

Weird how we are seeing this reporting now that a certain narrative is being pushed, because in the past %85 were committed by african american and nobody dared to mention.

Louie Fillet
Louie Fillet 0 months

This has been happening daily in New York to both the Orthodox Jewish community in places like Brooklyn and Staten Island and the Asian community citywide, but this perpetrator piece of s*** happens to be Caucasian so now it's a national headline

Aleks 0 months

Can’t we just condemn an attack regardless of who was attacked and by whom? Let s build a world of peace love and harmony . Skin color should not matter any more. It’s irrelevant. Let’s start making it irrelevant people, attacking elderly is just sick as attacking anyone else.

Jon 0 months

When it's a white guy they say so. I guess the default assumption of our failed journalism experiment is non-white.

Eric 0 months

All media is really doubling down on this Asian violence propaganda. It just keeps on getting better. Don’t know why anyone wants to come to America with all the Whites hating everyone

David 0 months

The USA is a failed state where you need a gofundme because the government can't/won't look after its people.

RichieRamirez 0 months

Somebody will play with him in jail

bhp 0 months

When a MAN* attacked. Bet you wouldn't have said BLACK man...

Tristan 0 months

What's an old people?

Nautilus 0 months

Well that's r00d sir

Christopher 0 months

Throw the xenophobe racist fascist in prison for a very long time.

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