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Trump’s ’Chinese Virus’ slur lead to rise in anti-Asian Twitter content: Study

Trump’s ’Chinese Virus’ slur lead to rise in anti-Asian Twitter content: Study

According to a University of California study, a tweet by former President Trump using the phrase ’Chinese virus’ sparked an increase in the use of anti-Asian hashtags on Twitter. Researchers found that those who used the hashtag #chinesevirus were more likely to use other racist hashtags. According to the Stop AAPI Hate, Asian Americans were subjected to 3,800 hate incidents over the last year.

John W
John W 0 months

And in black neighborhoods. Lookup the arrests and the videos, they are mostly in black neighborhoods next to Chinatowns, in liberal cities by black people. Some of only a few below. Don't fall for the bait and switch. Second Suspect Arrested in Fatal Oakland Assault, Robbery of 75-Year-Old Asian Man Suspect in latest Oakland attack of Asian-American victim ID'd Videos if Blacks attacking chinese people near oakland.

Remy 0 months

Spanish Flu (even though it didn't originate in Spain- look it up, the truth may scare you), West Nile, Zika, Lyme disease, Ross River.... illness, viruses, and diseases throughout time have frequently been "named" on the geographic location they originated in or were first discovered in. It's not racist. It's not meant to incite violence. It's just facts. This is just another "look at what Trump did" from the left so they can go about their agenda without interference from the American people. How are your gas prices? How are those COG's treating you? I hope you've all enjoyed your hush money checks... you'll need them. Anyone else excited to start paying for sex swaps in the military!? I know I sure am jacked to help Joe become Jill using my tax dollars! /s Stop letting them distract you. Stop allowing them to pull the shade over your eyes. Misdirection should solely be used by magicians.

Noobs 0 months

It was a china virus, so it is not a slur. It is the truth. It might not be helpful, but it is not a slur.

Yoshiki 0 months

So China tried to call it the American virus before Trump retaliated with this whole Chinese virus tweet, and no one's got anything to say about that? Chinese state media tried to push this rhetoric that the virus came from the US as early as February, the they tried to out the blame on Italy, Australia and other countries in the following months. They still refused to admit that it's their slow and poor response that allowed the virus to spread. They stopped travel from Wuhan locally, but allowed for them to fly internationally for another few days before they ban international travel? That's right before the Chinese new year holidays where a lot of people booked to travel overseas, first 2 cases in Italy who they put the blame on is an old couple from Wuhan! They had their fun sightseeing like normal tourists spreading the virus all over Italy before being taken in to hospital and used Italian medical resources for free and became a super spreader. Almost no country in the world is immune to this, even HK right next to China who mostly closed their borders and have a heavy quarantine program still have outbreaks every other week or 2. When Trump tried to close borders from China, first in the world to do so, everyone on the left called him racist, now you blame him for not doing anything? Stop trying to put every blame on Trump, this is all on China.

Andrew 0 months

They've been calling the new strain the UK variant so what's the difference here? The virus originated from China. It's not racist when it is fact. We aren't mad at the people of China. It's the government of China that tried to cover this up.

Silver 0 months

Don’t blame China for creating the virus, not blame Trump for pointing it out. China who are lying while committing genocide but the world is too worried about being called racist to point it out

Ivor 0 months

Does anyone really believe that using a hash tag on twatter is a sign of rampant societal Racism? If you do, then I have a lovely bridge that is surprisingly affordable.

saad 0 months

It should be called the Trump Virus as he did nothing to stop it.

Nathan 0 months

Not a slur. Truth. Perhaps if people were actually honest with its origins then fewer people whould have died. Stop calling truth a slur. That’s dangerous!

Scipio 0 months

More anti-Trump, orange-man-bad propaganda from a leftist institution... The attacks on Chinese Americans are perpetrated by majority black racist men, what is so hard to understand.

Seekster 0 months

Disdain for the CCP is absolutely not anti-Asian racism.

Darknimbus3 0 months

“A University of California” “study”- says everything about this “study” that I need to know XD 🍊👨👿 🧙👀

Daniel 0 months

A.) that is not what the study showed. B.) the data collected is a year old & not relevant to the recent shooting. C.) The majority of the world called this the Wuhan virus for several months at the beginning Of 2020. D.) The metrics in this “study” are laughable at best. Presenting circumstantial evidence of a possible trend to correlate actual changes in experience for Asian American folk is laughably stupid.

Mats Blom
Mats Blom 0 months

To call a virus originated in China a "Chinese virus" is a slur. To make it harder for American-Asians to get into American universities is progressivism...

Sigfried 0 months

This study is wrong. Asian hate crimes (at least in the bay area of San Fran per their own stats) are 85% perpetrated by black men. Why would black men, whom we have been told ad nauseum by CNN and MSNBC absolutely hate Trump, decide to agree with him on hating all the chinese? This is a desperate attempt to survive Trump Slump.

Unity.Nat 0 months

Of course they try and turn this democrat policy into a blame Trùmp issue. Democrats truly are stùpiď people

Robo 0 months

Ahahaha what a clown show. Do these people really expect anyone to buy this shit? This is why people make fun of "experts" and "studies" that don't involve actual science.

Something Witty
Something Witty 0 months

Hi.. I’m here today to tell people that Asian is more of a category of area.. not race. Therefore this headline doesn’t make sense or people are really dumb to conflate the term Chinese to all of Asia, and if someone is dumb enough to make that false connection... why even care about what they say? Anyway, this has been my Ted talk.

David 0 months

Now the Biden administration shows it's own anti Asian bigotry in meeting with our friends in China.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 0 months

No, Democrats pushing critical theory and postmodernism racism has caused the spike in race-based violence.

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