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CDC shortens Covid social distancing norms for schoolchildren

CDC shortens Covid social distancing norms for schoolchildren

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has shortened the Covid-19 social distancing guidelines for children in school. It said keeping three feet apart is safe enough. The new announcement is a boost for those who are backing for reopening of schools for in-person learning. The Biden administration already said it would like to see most schools opening by May.

James 0 months

Seems like the CDC just make stuff up on the fly. Schools, especially elementary schools, are known petri dishes for communicable infections of all stripes.

jamie 0 months

All of y’all talking as if this is a bad thing and saying they only want babysitters need to just think about the academic and social damage being done to our children by not being at school

peeweeherman 0 months

Be prepared for another spike in covid cases in the upcoming weeks. Smh

Deborah 0 months

Great so they can bring home the disease and spread it to the fam. People just want babysitters.

David 0 months

There is more damage to kids being out of school than the risk of covid and being in school.

Rocky 4 weeks

Nice of the virus to change so substantially after Biden got into office. What an accomodating virus.👍🏽

Jordan 3 weeks

If you post any facts about masks with links from scientists aparently this app like everywhere else deletes it. Scarry and interesting.

Rocket 4 weeks

As proven over the last year of this FAKE "pandemic," neither the CDC🤡💩 nor the WHO🤡💩 have produced a single scientific study that demonstrates that wearin' a 'face di'per' or standing any particular distance apart is a way to prevent the spread of MICROSCOPIC virus particles!!! Only brain dead sheep would follow along with this ridiculous ASSUMPTIONS without questioning these DEMOCRAP COMMUNIST SCUMBAGS!!!

michael 4 weeks

What, do children just not actually matter? Why do I never see any talk about outdoor classes? Why do we keep shoving our children into boxes?

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