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US more ’aggressive’ about deterring migrants: border official

US more ’aggressive’ about deterring migrants: border official

A ’more aggressive’ stance will be taken by the Biden administration in telling migrants to not come to the United States according to a top border official. According to the southern border coordinator of the White House, Roberta Jacobson, the message won’t be to not come to the border right now, but will rather be to never come to the border ever.

Lcifer 0 months

LMFAO YEAH THAT BIDEN FOR FLIP FLOP ON EVERYTHING AT EVERY TURN JUST TO MAINTAIN A long before he flips the script on the rest of his garbage campaign promises lol what a joke you people voted for LMFAO

Robert_Clearwater 0 months

A clear and precise plan would be appreciated.

Qyonge 0 months

Seems Trump raised the minimum level required for entry. Biden raises the maximum level of entry. Accepting poor people has it's consequences. Skilled middle class families are immediate benefits. Immigrants generally need a generation to naturalize and contribute to the nation. Poor immigrants may need more than one generation to accumilate wealth. And we all know the statistical probabilities of poor people and their habits in the USA. Imagine having not in a land of plenty and wanting :(

chris 0 months

Cough cough, Bull feces.

Aleks 0 months

Jerry when did Biden tell migrants to surge toward the border?

World 0 months

Biden is the worst thing to happen to USA. Pathet!c!!!!

Jerry Mandering
Jerry Mandering 0 months

I guess telling them to “Surge towards the border” wasn’t a good idea then was it ole sniffy?

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