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Florida Woman runs down a sheriff with her car

Florida Woman runs down a sheriff with her car

As opposed to keeping her eyes on the road, A Florida woman instead elected to shop on Amazon while operating an automobile Thursday in Port Orange. In her ravenous shopping spree, she accidentally ran down a Sheriff who was enjoying a bike ride with her Hyundai Sonata, and then fled the scene. The sheriff suffered a broken bone in his leg and a ruined day.

Cheston Moore
Cheston Moore
Brandon 0 months

Lmao... Some ❄️ reported my comment that said this is why women shouldnt be allowed to drive or use the internet especially not both at the same time. As if I was serious 😂🤣😂🤣.'. I'm dying rt now. Guess what ❄️... Idgaf. This app is trash. If we were in the middle east that would actually be a pretty common genuinely held opinion in some places. What 'f I'm a POC and that is my actual opinion? How dare you try to silence POC voices! Hahahaha

James 0 months

Brings a whole new meaning to distracted driving and stupidity. Throw the book at her - and then throw the book at her again.

Mutatis 0 months


Lcifer 0 months

What's new clearly no one drives anymore or pays attention while driving as it is I drive 5 miles any direction I see at least 30 people staring at a phone all of which get honked at and a hang up hand gesture and they barely even glance up when I honk

Aleks 0 months

Globally, almost three times (2.7) as many males as compared to females die from road traffic in-juries WHO So mansplainers, get some facts before you start spouting your tired B&S

Rocky 0 months

This story is pretty benign, but whoever wrote the summary is a fantastic wordsmith. Lol. Thanks for that.👍🏽

Will Miller
Will Miller 0 months

Woman moment

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