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5 WH staffers lose jobs over marijuana, drugs use

5 WH staffers lose jobs over marijuana, drugs use

Jen Psaki said that five White House staffers have been fired because of their past use of drugs, including marijuana. Marijuana has become a contentious issue for the Biden administration, since 15 states allow for recreational usage, despite a federal prohibition. Psaki said the administration has tried not to automatically penalize potential staffers for legal behavior in their communities.

Tom A
Tom A
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 0 months

So will Kamala Harris lose her job then. Oh of course she won't because the rules don't apply to Democrats. Democrats are allowed to do whatever they want and never have to suffer any consequences for their actions. Also making people quit for smoking weed, that's ridiculous, they aren't harming anyone and yes I know it's against the law federally but what they do on their own time is their business

World 0 months

And Kamala for lying about it on the radio??? Her own family disowned her for shaming the family

James Sanford (Retroambassador)
James Sanford (Retroambassador) 0 months

Eat shit and die joe

Phil Scott
Phil Scott 0 months

So Harris is being booted?

J. S. Dietrich
J. S. Dietrich 0 months


Jaye Muller
Jaye Muller 0 months

I thought it's legal now...

Cory 0 months

Didn't harris openly admit to smoking marijuana on national tv?

Que Pasta
Que Pasta 0 months

But Wild Bill Clinton did... But he didn't inhale according to him 🤣

Eric 0 months

Trump snorted adderall and shit his pants in The Oval Office. What do think he needed so much executive time? He had to come down off the speed and have his wife Melanoma Trump clean the shit out of his fat ass his arms aren’t long enough and his hands are to small to reach between his cheeks.

Jamie 4 weeks

Clinton, Obama, and Harris all admitted they smoked pot. It was reported that GW did cocaine, given all that it is more than a little hypocritical to care that some staffers did it in states or DC that legalized it. On top of lying to said staffers that it wouldn't be held against them.

CoLpOeSnED 0 months

How progressive.

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