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Air Force pushes pilot diversification plan

Air Force pushes pilot diversification plan

Air Force officials have announced a new plan to diversify their pilot force to include more women and minorities. According to Air Force Personnel Center data, as of October 2020, men made up roughly 94% of active-duty pilots. Separately, while Black members of the Air Force make up roughly 15% of the branch, that percentage is even smaller among pilots.

TexasReb 4 weeks

Blacks being 15% of the airforce means that they are currently reprsented fully as the black population of the US is about 14.6%. As far as pilots, you have to be an officer which means that you must have a college degree. Most backs don't have one and that has nothing to do with discrimination as they are given preference in admission and have more "free money" available than any other race. You also have to compete in tests to be a pilot, as it should be. We should want the BEST Pilots regardless of race.

Matthew 4 weeks

Today I am ashamed of my service in the USAF. Diversity and feelings are not our job. We kill people and break their stuff. We are the first line of defense for the country and the last resort for political disputes. We live in a dangerous world surrounded by countries that hate us the way that most NFL fans hate the Patriots. These are distractions that should not exist and will end up weakening the organization that protects you and your way of life.

Hannibal 4 weeks

I seem to recall a similar boneheaded initiative by Obama. He tried to diversify our special forces units. Guess what? Our SF units are still overwhelmingly based on physical and mental toughness, not skin color. It's nonsense like this that forced the Rangers to create a separate course to join the regiment instead of just tabbing. Woko-Haram strikes again.

Cory 4 weeks

Yes let's put unqualified people in multi million or billion dollar equipment just to say we aren't racist. Here's a thought, how about only qualified people get to use the equipment regardless of their race or gender? If it becomes a white majority, black majority, male or female majority it is what it is. So long as they are actually qualified

Seekster 4 weeks

Surely the military needs to be as close to a complete meritocracy as possible. Nobody should be prevented from a certain role because of their race but they also shouldn't be placed in a certain role because of their race.

Milkshake 4 weeks

Well, the next time there's a repeat of Kunduz hospital airstrike among many others, now the US Air Force can blame minorities and women for it at least. hue

Sir Dragon
Sir Dragon 4 weeks

Shouldn't you try to get your Army to be more elite or Combat effective rather that just have a rabble of people ?

Eric 4 weeks

This will only result in fewer pilots. And possibly more mistakes resulting in higher crash rate

Rush 3 weeks

Eh, it’s only a multimillion dollar plane meant to defy whatever gravity throws its way. What’s the worst that can happen? I say let’s go for force on this thing and when our tin cans start plummeting to the ground we can scratch out chins in collective confusion. It’s about enjoying the show at this point. Yeehawww

Robert_Clearwater 4 weeks

Hooray the military is now pursuing a public policy of recruiting based on skin color or possessing a Y chromosome... Merit? More like melanin.

edwin 4 weeks

Sorry, but I want the people in fighting on the front lines selected based on merit, not soft bigotry.

chris 4 weeks

They are diversified already, they drive busses too.

Que Pasta
Que Pasta 3 weeks

How about pilots and engineers that believe in the racist math, no one right answer BS?

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