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Current aide accuses Cuomo of sexual harassment

Current aide accuses Cuomo of sexual harassment

New York Gov. Cuomo now faces an allegation of sexual harassment from a woman currently employed by his office - an executive assistant. According to the NYT, Cuomo stared inappropriately at Alyssa McGrath’s body and commented on her looks. McGrath also said Cuomo kissed her on her forehead during the office Christmas party in 2019.

Jason 0 months

I don’t like this guy. At all. But a kiss on the forehead? Really?

Evil Smoo
Evil Smoo 0 months

Let me guess, her eyes have dollar signs in them now, right? If this keeps up, men are going to be jailed just for what a woman THOUGHT that a man MIGHT have been thinking. And god help you if you look in a woman's general direction, or give her a compliment. Forehead kiss is a bit weird, though. An adult would just come out and privately say that the contact made her uncomfortable, though.

Katie 0 months

The tables of power are turning turning turning! Women are not pieces of meat! If these allegations are true, yeah sure it was just a kiss on the forehead but that is violation of personal space to begin with, unacceptable in the workplace and by commenting on her body he made it sexual. Totally disgusting behavior. He is a power hog and I am loving every second of watching him lose it.

Nathan 0 months

I’m think this newest accuser is a “red herring.” trying to make the other accusers less credible. “He looked at her and kissed her forehead at a Christmas party.” So obviously not harrassment. Pretty dirty of Cuomo to use this girl to discredit the legitimate accusers.

Amy 0 months

She is the 8th woman to come forward. Instead of recognising the historic and systematic Inappropriate behaviours of this man, comments attack her. Shameful.

Soorena 0 months

Remove a Democratic governor and install a Republican governor so when Trump has court hearings and is found guilty, possibly, the new Republican governor will use executive clemency in Trump’s favor.

WJ MacKENZIE 4 weeks

When faced with an actual problem (thousands of nursing home deaths), sidetrack the public with a so commom nobody cares politicians sex scandal. -universal political playbook, page 2.

suzanne 0 months

I suppose all these women just happened to have these head shots available. Or they approved them for the article.

Arthur 0 months

According to these rules pervy ole Joe is also guilty!

Barry 0 months

He said hello to her. She's so upset now

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