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Hundreds attend NYC vigil honoring Atlanta victims

Hundreds attend NYC vigil honoring Atlanta victims

Hundreds of New Yorkers gathered Friday evening to mourn the eight lives lost in shootings targeting Asian-owned businesses in Atlanta. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer were some of the many speakers at the vigil. Andrew Yang was also in attendance. At one point, protesters surrounded de Blasio’s motorcade demanding action against discrimination.

Brian 4 weeks

They should be concerned about the reasons these women are in the illegal sex business.

Matthew 4 weeks

Wow, so this right here is America's problem and what will destroy us in the long run. This occurred approximately 5 days ago. That isn't that long. However, it is apparently enough time to form a protest movement. How? Well the box with talking people on it told them it needed to happen. Oh, the shooter said it had to do with sex addiction and not race, it doesn't matter. Why? Well the box with talking people told us it didn't matter. We are in the midst of the largest, most successful, propaganda campaign in human history. It is how hundreds of thousands of people who stand to lose their jobs under Biden were convinced to support Biden. The solution to this issue is very simple and it's effects can be reversed very quickly....just wondering if someone will do it.

Mike 4 weeks

White man strikes back: Asian sex workers rubbed him the wrong way!

Neutral 4 weeks

Wait a minute, let's make more laws criminals won't follow? I have posted this on other stories so sorry for the repeat but IMO we should look at our owns families and communities before going about to rearrange a country wide criminal code. I think the situation is horrible but I don't believe any law would have prevented this. Murder is a crime and so is can see how both of those worked out in this situation. As always thanks for listening!

Nathaniel 4 weeks

Why are New Yorkers so idiotic, how can you demand action be taken for crimes that didn’t happen in your state, this is like BLM protest happening around the world. I highly doubt NY has any discrimination. We all just hate each other equally and that’s it.

Nathan 4 weeks

Well, according to the guy who committed the murders, he was NOT targeting Asia-owned businesses. He was targeting the massage parlors that gave him sexual pleasures in an insane attempt to curb his sexual addiction. The murders are awful. The media lies and spin making this racial is just as horrific. You believing the media lies, pathetic.

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