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Half of all adults in the UK receive 1st COVID-19 vaccine dose

Half of all adults in the UK receive 1st COVID-19 vaccine dose

Matt Hancock, the Health Minister of the United Kingdom reported that 50 percent of all adults in Britain have now had at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose, making the country the world’s first major economy to hit that milestone. Hancock further said that this milestone was reached by the country after it administering a record 660,276 shots a day earlier.

Tom A
Tom A
Morbo 4 weeks

Really? The EU is witholding its own vaccines the UK has already paid for, while demanding we give them ours. How about fu#k you pay me.

GB Oz 4 weeks

Well, is it any wonder considering the irresponsible knee-jerk reaction from the EU leaders (who incidentally haven’t acted so); particularly France, who was the earliest to panic which then swept through the EU, but also conflated from the Brexit hostility. I can understand why EU citizens are starting to uprise on the lockdowns when EU countries have sent mixed messages and did not implement immediate, strong and consistent measures to stop the spread. Look at Australia and New Zealand - both have shown the world, how to engage with their citizens, be open and honest to get our (the people) buyin to lockdowns, wash your hands and social distancing and come out the other side strongly. Sure we had the nutters who complained about erosion of freedoms; but the sensible majority followed our Governments orders with the view to protecting each other and ultimately protect jobs. We kept our freedoms too If anyone wants a reason to why the measures work, look at both Aussies and Kiwis.

Jaye Muller
Jaye Muller 4 weeks

Hello! Sputnik V! Are they blind or idiots? Probably both.

World 3 weeks

Unless you are old, why take the risk? And if you are old and die like the 22 people in that nursing home after vaccine least you didnt lose that much of your life, it's a graceful suic!de if you want it to be

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