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Hundreds rally in Atlanta to support Asian American community

Hundreds rally in Atlanta to support Asian American community

The Georgia State Capitol was the site of protests as hundreds of demonstrators gathered in support of the Asian American community after a shooting at three local day spas this week left eight people dead. Six of them were women of Asian descent. The killings follow a year of mounting anti-Asian violence in the United States. Experts say this is due to Asian Americans being blamed for COVID-19.

Tom A
Tom A
J. S. Dietrich
J. S. Dietrich 4 weeks

Should I quote the FBI stats concerning who is commiting all the violent hate crimes gainst Asians?

Nathan 4 weeks

Wait...Dr. Fauci says we’re headed for dangerous 4th wave of covid, yet these gatherings are good and okay? Im confused. So covid doesnt spread during virtue signaling events like Antifa fascists “mostly peaceful” protests that destroy neighborhoods and vigils for invented hate crimes like this one in Atlanta? The guy who murdered the women in the massage parlors sex shops said he was trying to kill his sex drive and that at least 3of the women were not of asian decent, but hispanic and white.

Neutral 4 weeks

Ok someone help me please because I am confused. The protestors were at the capital in Atlanta? Who are they protesting against there? And what do they expect the resolution to be? More laws that criminals won't follow? Look the crimes were horrific I think everyone would agree, but they are already CRIMES!! Infering laws were broken. I think people need to look at their own houses, families and communities to help tackle these issues. Thanks for listening!

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 4 weeks

100% lies being peddled by the vile media. 100% was NOT a hate crime it just happens to be 80% of rub and tug massage parlors. The kid was a creepy set addict that went on a killing spree at the places he frequented quite often.

Dominick 0 months

Just saying, anti-Asian rhetoric was at its highest in decades when a certain orange fool insisted on blaming a race of people for a pandemic. The same Orange fool was on Fox News on the day of these attacks shouting his rhetoric.

Rocket 4 weeks

Yes, the CORRUPT LEFTIST playbook is on full display. X-22 Report predicted that, just like during the Obama administration, several 'False Flag' mass shooting events start to happen as the CORRUPT LEFTIST SCUMBAGS try and push through legislation to Destroy our Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms. That TRAITOROUS SCUMBAG, Obumma, is likely pulling the strings ON BEIJING BIDEN since Quid Pro Joe, and the Ho don't really know anything! Race-Baiting started en masse during SCUMBAG OBAMA'S 🤡💩 first term in office.

Jack 4 weeks

The spa shooting wasn't racially motivated. The shooter was a sex addict who blamed the sex industry and that spa for his addiction (crazy person). No racial motive at all.

Duncan 4 weeks

Oh look, more propaganda

Matthew 4 weeks

Wow, so this right here is America's problem and what will destroy us in the long run. This occurred approximately 5 days ago. That isn't that long. However, it is apparently enough time to form a protest movement. How? Well the box with talking people on it told them it needed to happen. Oh, the shooter said it had to do with sex addiction and not race, it doesn't matter. Why? Well the box with talking people told us it didn't matter. We are in the midst of the largest, most successful, propaganda campaign in human history. It is how hundreds of thousands of people who stand to lose their jobs under Biden were convinced to support Biden. The solution to this issue is very simple and it's effects can be reversed very quickly....just wondering if someone will do it.

mister 4 weeks

The lives of the 2 non-asians killed don't matter...

World 4 weeks

Here we go again. Take pics of these protestors faces and match it to the LARPers. I have thousands of faces catalogued so far from chop, portland and seattle... REV COM organization...somehow many of the people came down from Canada/Toronto???

Prince Azmiran
Prince Azmiran 4 weeks

Isnt all this virtue signaling patronizing to the community?

World 4 weeks

REVCOM (Refuse Fascism USA) uses the same FONT and Style on their agitprop...

Eric 4 weeks

Fake as hell. Sorry people out there

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