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Biden calls Turkey’s exit from treaty for women ’deeply disappointing’

Biden calls Turkey’s exit from treaty for women ’deeply disappointing’

US President Biden said he was ’deeply disappointed’ after Turkey withdrew from the Istanbul Convention, the treaty to prevent and combat violence against women. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Govt. announced the decision giving into arguments that the treaty damaged family unity. The move ignited domestic and international outrage. Thousands in Turkey came out to protest the move.

Rocket 0 months

What's more "deeply disturbing" is how we have a FAKE president, married to a FAKE doctor, stumbling multiple times UP a flight of stairs 🤦 Thankfully many of the ELECTION FRAUD cases are still being prosecuted and this is just the''tip of the iceberg'' The CORRUPT LEFTIST COMMUNISTS are going experience justice once the smoke clears because a majority of Americans can already see how damaging ALL of these LEFTIST policies are for OUR country!

Deniz 0 months

Biden needs to chill. He's picking too many fights and commenting over too many foreign decisions meanwhile forgetting to check his own back garden. Puppet masters putting on a splendid show.

Joseph 0 months

As much as I dislike Biden he isn’t all bad. Being against domestic violence in general is a good thing.

jon 0 months

It *would* be very disappointing - to someone born five minutes ago. Where were you when Erdogan was killing off his opposition, turning Turkey into a Shari'a state fighting with Iran for religious hegemony and ferrying ISIS terrorists together with the rest of the Muslim hordes invading Europe after the Syrian Civil War? Oh, wait. You were the VP.

David 0 months

No more disappointing then what countries are on the UN women's rights commission.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 0 months

Hey biden how's Tara Reade doing

david dindu
david dindu 0 months

Last I checked turkey doesn't enforce the beekeeper outfit rule

coughdrop1989 0 months

I dont u derstand why he is concerned, its just a cultural difference. He wouldnt understand.

Sigfried 0 months

We would be stronger in foreign affairs if we still had Trunp. Joe embarrassed himself with putin.

Mike 0 months

Sounds like 'cultural norms'

Indo 0 months

If a horse don't wanna go to water, what do you do !!?

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