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Man whose wife died in Atlanta spa was detained for hours after attack

Man whose wife died in Atlanta spa was detained for hours after attack

A man who survived the Atlanta shooting last week that killed his wife last week said police treated him badly, detaining him in handcuffs for four hours after the attack. Mario Gonzalez said he was held in a patrol car outside the spa, and questioned whether his treatment by authorities was because he’s Mexican. The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office has not commented on the matter.

Tengu 3 weeks

I'm going to hazard a guess that he got left there because that officer was doing stuff at scene. It seemed pretty busy, given what happened after all.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 3 weeks

You're the husband and could've have 100% been a suspect as a jealous husband since you're wife gives other men rub and tugs.

michael 3 weeks

Considering he said a white murderer was "having a bad day", and given what we know about cops and that white supremacists ghost skins are infiltrating them, I'm going out on a limb and saying yes, being brown skinned was probably the reason for the poor treatment.

GB Oz 3 weeks

It’s disgraceful when you consider that he was held and interrogated as a suspect. A huge cultural change is needed.

mister 3 weeks

aww, poor baby...

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