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Trump returning to social media in 2-to-3 months with own platform, aide says

Trump returning to social media in 2-to-3 months with own platform, aide says

Former President Trump is set to return to social media, his top adviser said Sunday. Jason Miller said Trump will be back in 2-3 months, and will launch a new platform that he claimed would ’completely redefine the game.’ Miller emphasized the hold Trump retains on his party, saying ’He’s already had over 20 senators, over 50 members of Congress call … or make the pilgrimage to Mar-a-Lago.’

michael 4 weeks

Wonder if it will do better than trump university. Or trump casino. Or trump steaks. Or trump water. Having the inhereted wealth to start a bunch of businesses does not make you a good businessman. And having lots of followers does not make your statements truth.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 4 weeks

Can't wait. It'll be so spicy and funny.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 4 weeks

In some weird way we can thank @jack/Twitter for this. Probably the best part will be no more memory holing of certain news stories.

OrKos world
OrKos world 4 weeks

Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter are probably worried that once president trump gets his platform off the ground everyone will bail on them. Trump is still the real president in alot of peoples eyes and NOT weak old fart thats in there now who is just a transitional fihure for harris to take over.

Phil Scott
Phil Scott 4 weeks

The left is now so v1le, dishonest, hypocrit1cal and uninformed that Trump's social media platform would actually be preferable.

Rocket 4 weeks

President Trump is about to 'open a can of WHOOP ASS' on these Big Tech PUNKS that are CENSORING everything conservative. This is going to be a platform game changer as TENS of MILLIONS of AMERICANS, FED-UP with the Censorship Monkeys💩 and abandon FakeBook and Twit to connect on Trum''s new platform!

Randy 4 weeks

Aside from that fact that everyone and their grandmother is already reinventing the game, Trump's track record of failure, even at presidenting which barely requires even a pulse these days, suggests it is doomed.

John 4 weeks

What will it be called The Mouth that Roared,American Cesspool or how about Lies lies & more lies

African 4 weeks

Here comes the false prophet for Qanon wackos and his double talking followers like Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz, smh.

Felipe Segura
Felipe Segura 4 weeks

This should be interesting, he's creating his own platform. Despite these leftist screeching and reeing. Something to watch in the upcoming montha

Floris 4 weeks

I already heard the name of his new platform. It will be called: Trumplr.

Gloria 4 weeks

Knowing Trump his followers will probably have to pay a huge fee or make a huge donation just to be on his platform and read his Lies. Trump about money, he will never change his scheming ways.

John 4 weeks

Bummer. Now we can expect another avalanche of lies and conspiracy theories from the now EX traitor-in-chief. Pathetic.

MIDESSA 4 weeks

Oh goody a whole platform for the uneducated white men over 50 that dislike anyone different than them. How could it possible fail?

Renee 4 weeks

PURE AWESOMENESS 🙏😇🇺🇲 Think God needs to be in the platform also somehow, because I kno' we're supposed too bring his name too the front, our churchs have too step up with the people behind them, too fight against our schools, but think Americans are learning the consequences of not giving God respect' I'm not saying preach on the station, but definitely'don't be afraid too speak his name in fear of what public thinks anymore' we're beyond that point or President Trump would be in office, we all know how corrupt our country&is ' it's global, so bring God too the show, even if quite between yourselves but lies'won't work with the people anym&re & God prevents some from lieing as easily! We will be grateful too hear the truth🙏😇🇺🇲

GB Oz 4 weeks

It will be a success. It will be a platform that aside from Trump supporters flocking to, you will have some of the mainstream media on it as well; the likes of CNN & NYT, along with a few former presidents and swiftly Hillary. They won't be able to contain themselves, to 'report' on the goings on. Also add on some of the destructive left who will also be eager to see wha a neo g said and then will engage. Add in advertising then both FB, Twitter and YouTube may loose audience and will End up with a fair few millions of people engaging. By the way, I'm not American, I just see from the outside looking in.

Scipio 4 weeks

The left will explode and try 24/7 to shut him down... Users will be called Nazis and white supremacists, even the black, Asian, Jewish users... All the left wing media will run constant hit pieces on the platform. Democrats will denounce it at every opportunity. Schools and universities will ban it... It will become the ultimate f*ck you to the establishment... I can't wait!!! 🤣🤣

Rage Against the Vagine
Rage Against the Vagine 4 weeks

We will see. It remains to be seen if any of the stateside servers would even host such a place. Like how parler ended up being hosted by some russian server.

Charles 4 weeks

Right wingers.... so, you saying you have a problem with a privately owned company in America setting its own terms of service and enforcing it?

Richard 4 weeks

This should be HUGE! Pvt. Bone Spurs Bunker Boy Tax Dodger Super Spreader LOSER INSURRECTIONIST should just light up a new social media service! I would expect it will do as well as all of his businesses and be banckrupt of the target of multiple lawsuits almost immediately. Anyone that would go near this piece of dirt in business deserves what they will get. Go for it LOSER!!!!!

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