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Trump slams Biden over border crisis

Trump slams Biden over border crisis

Former President Trump on Sunday ripped the Biden administration for turning the migrant crisis at the southern border into a ’national disaster.’ ’In the span of just few weeks, the Biden Administration has turned a national triumph into a national disaster,’ Trump said. He urged Biden to complete construction of a border wall, and accused the administration of ’causing death and human tragedy.’

Got Truth
Got Truth 4 weeks

Just so we are all clear, the MSM and Dems claim that the boarder problem is Trump's fault is straight out lies. DAY ONE of Biden, Joe dismantled all the Trump policies that kept the boarder secure. The Dems 100% own this disaster, this is what you voted for.

GB Oz 4 weeks

Trump has a point. The disgrace of Biden just wanting to cancel anything Trump, because it was Trump. Stupid petty politics.

Gloria 4 weeks

Trump was ripping children's from theirs parents. He changes the asylum policy, not letting anyone apply for it. Destroying the policy that's was alright there. He didn't try to solve this problem. How long did he think Mexico will hold them there. He put a bandage on it and praise himself for it.

snarley 4 weeks

What triumph? Seperating kids from their families and locking them away? This is a mess Trump made, and one he went hold himself accountable for.

robert 4 weeks

You know it’s not Biden’s fault when Trump starts pointing fingers.

Max 4 weeks

What crisis? Trump keeps vaguely gesturing at a crisis, but it seems to me that everything at our southern border is fine and dandy. Does anyone have any data about an uptick in death or crime or anything as a result of increased illegal immigration in the past few weeks???

S 4 weeks

This is just another piece of the huge mess left behind by the Trump admin that Biden has to clean up.

S 4 weeks

Trump replaced 200 miles of old fencing with Russian steel as part of his "Beautiful Wall" project that was a huge failure.

Seekster 4 weeks

Trump enforced immigration laws. The current bprder crisis is because economic migrants somehow got the idea that Biden wouldn't. Seems they were right.

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 4 weeks

Just so we are clear Frump didn't accomplish jack crud. In fact he made our border problems much worse. Any of you falling for it are a special kind of $toooop1d

Brandon 4 weeks

Sure looks like a crisis to me... Several hundred children, no parents in sight, sleeping on the floor shoulder to shoulder in some warehouse. Fyi, Trump tried to fix this... He was called a racist xenophobe by Biden et. al.. If you care about these kids, if you care about the 80%+ of women that are raped trying to cross the border illegally, you would do everything you could to disincentivize the illegal crossings and call on congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform. This is what Trump did. Personally, I think there should be a moratorium on all immigration, but that is a separate issue to the obvious humanitarian crisis that has been at our southern border for years. Trump called it a national emergency, the left called him a bigot, he tried to build as much of a wall as he could, illegal crossings were at all time lows... Now this. Absolutely disgraceful.

Kenneth 4 weeks

Fraudulent government doing what Fraudulent governments do destroy America

Thomas 4 weeks

Here is an analogy that definitely exaggerates the current situation but is still a good analogy. Imagine if Hitler were voted out of office and a new chancellor came in and tore down all the concentration camps. Imagine some German citizens complaining that hitler had control of the problem and now the new chancellor made a mess by allowing all of these people from a different culture to contaminate and assimilate into the German population illegally. Just imagine.

Doug Star
Doug Star 4 weeks

I named my bowel movement after the orange (-o-). I now take a trump instead of a dump.

Jon 4 weeks

Private citizen slams Biden. So? He can go back to being a bloated disgusting sociopath now.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 4 weeks

Couldn't help but notice there is no 'left' article on the topic. Now why would they avoid such a big story? Hmmmm.

IIzard 4 weeks

Illegal immigrants, they make white countries great but not their own countries... Ok leftists

Rihards 4 weeks

Hypocracy is strong with US politics

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