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David Cameron lobbied Rishi Sunak to get Covid loans for failing bank

David Cameron lobbied Rishi Sunak to get Covid loans for failing bank

Calls for an inquiry are on the rise after reports emerged about former British PM Cameron’s attempts to lobby the current government on behalf of doomed lender Greensill Capital. Cameron reportedly contacted the chancellor Rishi Sunak’s private phone in hopes of securing special access to hundreds of thousands of pounds of emergency COVID loans. Most of Cameron’s texts to Sunak went unanswered.

Clara 4 weeks

Adding something here. Could not include it in the summary "granting Greensill access to the CCFF would have meant bending the rules, since lenders are not meant to borrow money through that programme"

namesake544 4 weeks

All the torys do is line their pockets with public money. We saw it with them handing out PPE contracts to family friends/ neighbours with no experience in the subject. Also with NHS staff not getting wages while they hand out bonuses to each other.

James 4 weeks

Cameron was just trying to protect his investments - using those old politician methods of thieving, lying and cheating. He does it so well....

Fyre Britbong (Fyre)
Fyre Britbong (Fyre) 4 weeks

Cameron? What a surprise...not.

JakeN 4 weeks

Let them fail. That's what capitalism is supposed to be about.

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