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EU imposes sanctions against China, Myanmar, Russia over abuses

EU imposes sanctions against China, Myanmar, Russia over abuses

The EU has imposed sanctions against China, Myanmar and Russia over rights violations after a meeting of the foreign ministers of the 27-nation bloc. The sanctions against China were a result of Beijing’s persecution of the Uighurs in Xinjiang. The sanctions against Myanmar have been imposed because of the military coup. Russia was slapped with sanctions over Kremlin’s crackdown over dissent.

GB Oz 4 weeks

About bloody time. They too know, China fueled this crisis after sending in sly covert missions full of ammo and arms to support the coup. China is so arrogant they think they should get respect for just being a big player, when the rest of the world knows - respect is earned. Looks like China is heading back to another century of humiliation

tim 4 weeks

China operates off everyone's greed. Now that most manufacturing is based there and the middle class manufacturing jobs are slave labor there the middle class continues to dissappear here along with living wages and guess what happens? The debt keeps rising here and service industry jobs don't pay the taxes Ike manufacturing did. 30 years tops and China will start callng in that debt. New Chinese provinces formerly known as USA and Canada. Maybe its just easier for them to call North America China 2. They pretty much own Africa now. Nobody else would invest there. At least Canada provides hcare. The USA needs a military so large that soon won't be able to afford or utilize. Priorities are messed up. Soon pay up.

Hannibal 4 weeks

Sanctions against individual companies and officials does NOTHING. Yet again we see the cowardly inaction of the Western elites. And in a country with a financial system as opaque as China it won't even hinder the investment of those individuals. If you want to punish the Chinese government then you impose sanctions on their entire economy. When every company on the Shanghai Shenzhen sees a 10% squeeze on the bulk of their exports you'll see serious changes.

Indo 4 weeks

Well finally. Make them understand that squeezing people just cos you can, dont go down with the rest of the world. We react

Fareem 4 weeks

Comic Sans isn't the best font choice here

Ddddd 4 weeks

China needs to pay.

GB Oz 4 weeks

The tide is turning against China.

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