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$3T in new spending being prepared by Biden team

$3T in new spending being prepared by Biden team

A $3 trillion spending plan is reportedly being prepared by economic advisers in the Biden administration. Spreading out the president’s economic agenda across multiple bills instead of one massive legislative package is something that the plan seeks to recommend. The plan will kick off with an infrastructure measure that may be funded via increased taxes for the wealthy and corporations.

Robert_Clearwater 3 weeks

The government is expanding to meet the needs of the expanding government.

Blue 3 weeks

... God help us.

Glen 3 weeks

Spending us into oblivion.

Paschal 3 weeks

That printing press is going to burn up.

Nunya 3 weeks

How can I tell my kids that money doesn't grow on trees when we have a government that spends like it does

Phoenix 3 weeks

Buy crypto.

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