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Democrats push for DC statehood, say residents need federal representation

Democrats push for DC statehood, say residents need federal representation

House Democrats moved to grant statehood to District of Columbia as a part of the party’s voting rights agenda and called for a House Committee on Oversight and Reform hearing to make their case. They said during the deadly January 6 Capitol riot, the mayor, unlike a governor, was powerless to quickly call in the National Guard. They said the DC’s 700,000 residents needed federal representation.

Dawlben 4 weeks

Return DC to Maryland then. I wonder if that was part of the contract for the Federal Government to receive the land for DC.

Nathan 4 weeks

Headline should read, “Democrats once again try to ignore the constitution to which they swore to uphold.” It’s unconstitutional for DC to be a state. Democrats hate America.

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 4 weeks

That is not how this works.. in fact that land was loaned to them by the state... either way the capitol should be neutral ground...

Jon 4 weeks

Almost a million DC residents taxed without representation, some serving in the military, should have the right wing cultists up in arms but they have no actual integrity.

Daniel 4 weeks

It would take congress agreeing on this & actually passing legislation on DC Statehood— PLUS 2/3 (38/50 states) must ratify the constitutional amendment. Dems only want DC statehood so that they can rely on the nauseatingly liberal voters of DC to add to their ranks. This will never happen.

Fred V
Fred V 4 weeks

No, No,No. That's cheating. First of all people are not supposed to live there. It needs to stay not a state. Also it would unbalance our two party system and create he clearly favored Landslide towards Democrats. This is the type of corruption we need to avoid. This is the stuff everybody should be fighting against. The people in DC or not not represented. This is bull

Seekster 4 weeks

DC can't be a state because the Federal government can't be subject to state laws.

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