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Court order lifting Boulder assault weapons ban being scrutinized

Court order lifting Boulder assault weapons ban being scrutinized

A decision by Colorado state court Judge Andrew Hartman to block an assault weapons ban in Boulder, Colo. is facing scrutiny, after gun control advocates drew fresh attention to the court ruling in the wake of a shooting on Monday at a Boulder grocery store that left 10 dead. Judge Hartman had ruled that Boulder had unlawfully encroached on the state’s power to regulate firearms.

Tom A
Tom A
Neutral 4 weeks

So the article states the reason the judge struck down the ban is because it was in violation of state law. It's not his fault legislators can't follow the law. Speaking of..if legislators can't follow laws (they are supposed to be experienced with these) What on earth would make them think a criminal would follow any? What a waste of time and resources. Maybe tackle mental health, terroris or criminals?

Got Truth
Got Truth 4 weeks

Trying to regulate morality through gun control is a lost cause. You going to put in knife control next? How about baseball bat registries? You think laws change the heart of man? The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

Neutral 4 weeks

According to the article, the ban violated state law so he kinda didn't have a choice in the matter. If the city legislators can't follow the laws how in the world could they imagine that criminals would? They should really focus their time on the root causes rather than the tools used IMO

Neutral 4 weeks

Ok so the news article states that the judge lifted the ban after he found it was in violation of state law. It's not his fault legislators are incapable of following it. Can we at least try and tackle mental health and terrorism, those seem like the real tools we should be trying to control. Just my two cents, thanks for listening.

Tamira 4 weeks

Good judge

FirstCensorshipThenJail 4 weeks

What is an Assault weapon? Can a stealthily colored teapot be considered an assault weapon, what about a brick or a toaster?

Daniel 4 weeks

Typical liberals - mad that they weren’t allowed to violate your rights.

Tabi's 4 weeks

How terrible that liberals want to violate my right to shoot strangers at the supermarket. The only thing that can protect people is to open-carry military weapons. I always go shopping in a tank, with armed bodyguards. What kind of wussies want to regulate guns? What will they regulate next? Alcohol? Drugs? Will thy make us get licenses and insurance to drive a car? Will they regulate abortions, too? F-ing LIBERALS!!!

jamie 4 weeks

I would have struck the law down too since the term assault weapon is basically a made up term.

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