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Biden infrastructure, jobs spending push could hit $4 trillion

Biden infrastructure, jobs spending push could hit $4 trillion

President Joe Biden is scheduled to be briefed by advisers on infrastructure, climate and jobs proposals being considered by the White House. Biden advisers are reportedly weighing a price tag of between $3 trillion and $4 trillion for new legislative action. Jen Psaki said Mr. Biden would not unveil a proposal this week but that the ’focus will be on jobs and making life better for Americans.

Tom A
Tom A
TaxTheRich 4 weeks

Latest reported show that America has improved our infrastructure from a D(Minus) to a C-rating. Honestly, and this should be for everyone, it shouldn't matter WHO the president is, you should agree that our tax payer dollars are better spent improving our infrastructure then it is to continue spending app to build bases (700+) around the world. And improved infrastructure would be amazing for our economy for long term growth and more (permanent) jobs. Our infrastructure is more than just roads and bridges it is the very Fabric in which we all use daily, from water, electricity, to your TV and Internet..

chris 4 weeks

The big dig was billions over estimated cost just to save the average Bostonian 5.6 seconds on their commute. I have no faith in this soon to be boondoggle.

Rich 4 weeks

But the Democrats bitched when President Trump needed money to build the wall. Got it

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