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VP Harris laughs when asked if she has plans to visit southern border

VP Harris laughs when asked if she has plans to visit southern border

VP Harris laughed when asked Monday if she planned to visit the US-Mexico border, where a crisis is unfolding as thousands of migrants have crossed in recent weeks. ’Not today,’ said Harris, letting out a laugh, adding, ’But I have before, and I’m sure I will again.’ The White House did not immediately respond to a question by Fox News as to whether they thought Harris’ response was appropriate.

Jon 4 weeks

It's nice to know that the media is finally noticing that when someone calls Harris on her evil behavior, her knee jerk reaction is to cackle. I cannot believe my countrymen were dumb enough to let the DNC shoehorn her into the presidency. It's gonna get really dark in here.

Jon 4 weeks

Go to US customs and border protection website and you will see that crossings have been up for the past 10 months. The right wing narrative is complete fiction based on the border patrols OWN NUMBERS.

Manda P
Manda P 3 weeks

Crazy bitch

Kurt 4 weeks

When do Democrats turn on this completely incompetent administration?

World 3 weeks


MrLoseddos 3 weeks

Ugh. I löathe that creepy commie-la.

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 3 weeks

What a northern response

CoLpOeSnED 3 weeks

Her giddiness is nauseating

Silence Dogood
Silence Dogood 3 weeks

VP who?

michael 3 weeks

Since we now have trump as an example, yes, her comment was extremely appropriate. She didn't call the facilities non-existent, and she didn't call their home countries "shit-holes" (and if I get censored for quoting the president....)

Kenneth 3 weeks

Kamala toe laughs when she lies

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 3 weeks

Glad she laughed. This is a manufactured crisis.

GreenMachine 3 weeks

In her defense she always laughs maniacally when asked a real question.

Dawlben 4 weeks

Why should she visit? There are no troubles at the border, if there are them it is Trump's fault.

ttocsick 3 weeks

"Impeach 47...Impeach 47...Impeach 47"

Seekster 4 weeks

The only border she should visit is the karman line...then keep going.

Michael 4 weeks

No problem with the story, but that headline is word for word the Fox headline also.

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