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Fire engulfs New York nursing home, at least one dead

Fire engulfs New York nursing home, at least one dead

A nursing home in Spring Valley, New York collapsed after a huge fire engulfed the building, leaving at least one resident dead and others injured. Among those injured in the fire at the Evergreen Court, an assisted living facility, are two firefighters, including one who suffered a heart attack. Media reported that there would be some residents trapped inside the building. Many were evacuated.

Rocket 4 weeks

Considering what an 'Expert' he's proven to be at KILING ELDERLY PEOPLE, the SCUMBAG CUOMO🤡💩 likely had someone set the fire to distract attention away from his own Death Count from INTENTIONALLY infecting senior citizens with a bad flu virus!!!

Cole. 4 weeks

Weird how a nursing home catches fire. I wonder if it had all the documents proving Cuomo killed 15 thousand ppl

TheMadDane 4 weeks

Most dangerous place to be is a NY nursing home.

Braindead 4 weeks

Send Cuomo over there to put the fire out. Lmao

cooldude 4 weeks

Maybe the freedom toons skits about coumo using a flamethrower on the elderly and nursing homes is literal.

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