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Prince Harry to join Silicon Valley start-up

Prince Harry to join Silicon Valley start-up

Alexi Robichaux, the CEO of tech start-up BetterUp Inc. announced that Prince Harry will become chief impact officer of the company. BetterUp is a professional coaching platform with a goal to ’fuel whole person growth through individual coaching and custom support.’ Prince Harry also revealed that he has worked with a BetterUp coach, and described the experience as being ’invaluable’.

Tom A
Tom A
Rocket 4 weeks

After watching some of his CLOWN SHOW on Oprah, it appears that the ONLY impact Harry is making to demonstrate how to be a whiny liar. Of course his idioti, drama queen wife is WORSE!!! He and his wife are is disgrace to Buckingham Palace, and are just a couple ATTENTION WHORE CLOWNS!!! 🤡💩

GB Oz 4 weeks

How can he possibly be suitable? He hasn’t looked after his own let alone his wife’s yet - even failing to get her help; when he really could have. But I guess fake Hollywood will buy into it.


Is Meghan ok with that ?

Mike 4 weeks

Chief Impact Officer? What does a Chief Impact Officer do?

The Right Perspective
The Right Perspective 4 weeks

I wonder how long those two can live off their famous names.

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