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Tighter gun control laws being urged by Democrats following Boulder massacre

Tighter gun control laws being urged by Democrats following Boulder massacre

Following the massacre at Boulder, Colorado which left 10 dead, members of the Democratic Party are calling for more gun control legislation, with some prominent members of the party calling to push legislation through by ending the Senate filibuster. Senate Democratic leaders claimed that gun violence in America is unending, and calls for gun control legislation came from House leadership as well

Tom A
Tom A
Jerry Mandering
Jerry Mandering 4 weeks

Of course the Democrats want to come for your guns now. Or should I say, the establishment wants them. With the lockdowns and job losses and once the BLM distraction fades, we will need to be pacified before the Great Reset is implemented. Can’t push around an armed populous for ever and they don’t intend to to stop pushing us around.

Tim 4 weeks

Weird how the mass shootings always pick back up when Democrats have a better chance at enacting anti 2-A legislation, isn't it?

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 4 weeks

Typical dem. 'Do what I say or you're just as bad as the bad guys.' Does that weak-@ss reverse-psychology work on anyone?

TheMadDane 4 weeks

Stop bombing and invading countries if you're worried about being complicit in violence.

Brent & Carmen
Brent & Carmen 4 weeks

A List of Reasons for Self-Defense 1) Criminals being released early in California. 2) Illegals being welcomed into our country with little screening. 3) Activists rioting. 4) Homeless people being allowed many places creating problems. 5) Weakened laws and reduced consequences creating more crime that isn’t investigated by law enforcement. 6) Reduced police funding and morale due to constantly being blamed by the media and politicians. 7) A long response time for police to defend the average citizen who are prevented many times from carrying a gun by politicians who have armed security to protect themselves. This is just a “starter” list of why we need to protect our gun rights.

Nathan 4 weeks

Somebody tell this democrat we have 2nd amendment rights. She can’t just ignore the constitution when it offends her wokeness. Also individuals are responsible for their own actions. Dont limit freedoms, constitutional freedoms of millions because one person breaks a law. Deal with the lawbreaker. This democrat is antiAmerican.

Silence Dogood
Silence Dogood 4 weeks

At time of this gun comments 154 likes...anti gun comments (mainly midessa and mod okay) ZERO likes. Sorry boys, nobody agrees with you...heck you don't even like each other probably because you don't think the other is woke enough.

Jon 4 weeks

Good idea joe. Let’s take the peoples right to protect themselves. So there’s this thing called the constitution that encourages the people to build militias in order to protect themselves from our rights being breached or outright stolen. If our government restricts our ability to protect ourselves, what position do you think we are left in?

Kenneth 4 weeks

If everyone carried guns this mass murder shit would not happen ,the shooter was radical Islam from Syria, Joe Biden and Democrats the blood is on your hands

Kenneth 4 weeks

Of course he does the shooter was Muslim we wouldn't want Americans to shoot back !!!!

James 4 weeks

Here's a thought. How about properly funding mental health treatment so these types of mass killings either do not happen or they are significantly reduced because help is available BEFORE someone goes off half-cocked.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 4 weeks

Here we go again, although I agree with having background checks and training, it's very obvious and suspect, the timing in which one side pushes gun control.

Cory 4 weeks

They do this for every mass shooting. Every tragedy has to be used to push a political idea. Not just democrats either, every party in every government does it and it's sickening

Rocky 4 weeks

Why? What gun control law proposed would prevent mass murder? Hint: No law in the world against guns has ever reduced the murder rate. The freer we are to exercise our right to bear arms the fewer mass shootings we see. This is why there are never mass shootings at the gun range or at a nra meeting. They are always at some location with restrictions on access with protection.🤷🏾‍♂️ We need more training and more people who are trained carrying them.

dj 4 weeks

It's almost like it all was planned 😉 same shiz different 4 years cycle

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 4 weeks

The investigation isn’t complete, we’re still filling in the blanks. Walking back the “white supremacy” angle now that some damn reporter did his job. But we need more gun control? Makes perfect sense...for a Democrat.

James 4 weeks

Sorry democrats.. but even more gun laws are not the answer. First, there’s a thing called the 2nd amendment. Then, criminal minds target “gun free zones” and moreover obviously don’t care about law to begin with.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 4 weeks

Dems sure have a short memory. Wasn't it just a few years ago that Colorado recalled 2 democrat lawmakers for attacking gun rights? Dems are determined to turn Colorado Red.

Daniel 4 weeks

The overwhelming majority of shootings are committed in dem controlled areas, most of which already have extreme gun control laws. Not a single idea the dems have works in the real world, this one especially.

John W
John W 4 weeks

Ban guns but ooen borders and complaints about terror country travel bans. Details about Al issa were slowly emerging He is a naturalized U.S. citizen from Syria, according to two U.S. law enforcement officials briefed on the matter.

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