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Police seized over 100 guns at Miami Beach this spring break

Police seized over 100 guns at Miami Beach this spring break

The Miami Beach police have seized more than 100 firearms this spring-break season, so far, authorities said. The city has been grappling with unruly crowds thronging the beach breaking Covid-19 protocols and made more than 1,000 arrests between February 3 and March 21. Media reported that the city is now contemplating on extending a state of emergency in an attempt to tackle the crowds.

Hannibal 4 weeks

As per the 100 guns seized, the police never specified if the firearms were taken lawfully. Police very often confiscate ALL guns at events they shut down, whether the gun owner is licensed and obeying the law or not. The article you'll never see is the police handing back illegally seized firearms. But then local pd is usually in the clutches of the lunatics in city government and the mayor of Miami is a nut.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 4 weeks

Shocked not at all. It is a republican run state of course. Some will say it's criminals... Well I will say not everyone that carries a gun is a criminal. Republicans just really don't give a flying F about their ppl. Super sad to see and I wish u could change that.

michael 4 weeks

Is it possible that desantis' lack of taking covid seriously led to this?

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 4 weeks

It's like criminals don't follow laws so wierd

Randall 3 weeks

We'll have to wait a few weeks to see if this is a superspreader event. People from all over the Nation going home and back to school. Let's just see what happens by mid May. Another massive wave causing viral mutation rendering current vaccinations impotent leading to another prolonged lockdown while preparing another round of new vaccines. However, this new vaccine will be much more difficult to produce. This first vaccine only had to deal with a single strain whereas a new vaccine will have to deal with a multitude of strains. Prepare for mandatory masks and prolonged lockdowns because we just couldn't wait any longer. Like kids with one marshmallow now or two marshmallows later. One now, please!

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