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36 states scheduled to elect governors in 2022

36 states scheduled to elect governors in 2022

Thirty six states are scheduled to elect governors in 2022 in what is likely to represent referenda on the patchwork responses to the coronavirus pandemic and the economic recovery ahead. At least seven of the thirty six states will choose a new governor to replace a term-limited incumbent. Republicans are defending 20 states which they currently control.

Tom A
Tom A
Tamira 3 weeks

Remember the names of all those who put you out of work, massively increased the wealth of the wealthy while also expanding the number of impoverished citizens, prevented you from visiting your dying parents, held back your children's development, divided you from your friends and family, prevented our friends from getting cancer diagnoses, drove our friends and loved ones to suicide, and stole money from your children's future to pay for it, all for a fact-free, anti-science propaganda campaign. Don't let them do this to you ever again.

Rich 3 weeks

And remember and remove the RINOS who didn't support President Trump's America.

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 3 weeks

I hope dems and progressives sweep.

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