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Sen. Joe Manchin opposes House gun safety bills

Sen. Joe Manchin opposes House gun safety bills

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin said that he is not in favor of the two gun safety bills the House passed earlier this month and instead is still pushing to pass the more narrow Manchin-Toomey compromise bill which was developed after the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting. The Senator’s opposition reflects a major divide among Democrats over how to tackle gun control.

Tom A
Tom A
SD 3 weeks

Here's a tell: Ask Manchin if he supports publicly funded mental health care.

Cheri Carter
Cheri Carter 3 weeks

What citizen needs access to an AR-15 and for what purpose? It's not a hunting rifle!! It's a military assault weapon and needs to be banned from being purchased. If you look back at all the mass shootings the perpetrators had access to an AR-15, which Manchin seems to enjoy his power to refuse to ban when the majority of the Country wants some kind of gun control. People are tired of these mass shootings and want change. NO ONE, no matter what Republicans say or people like Manchin, is trying to take away any 2nd Amendment rights, just protect the public. What is wrong with people who don't believe we need laws regarding the sale of guns to protect the public? Each person killed in a mass shooting was deprived of their right to go home that night and live their life, and their families and friends are forever changed by those events. What has happened to our humanity as a society?

Jon 3 weeks

Manchin is gonna get primaried like he's never experienced in his career. I can't wait. He has a net worth of over 5 million dollars but you won't see right wing cultists complaining about that.

jamie 3 weeks

Hold the line Joe

ttocsick 3 weeks

Way to go Joe, just like the power grab, opportunist, POS democrat you are to take advantage of the 50-50 split in the Senate. He's just putting the squeeze on the balls of his own party. Phukn funny

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