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Biden announces second extension to Obamacare enrollment period

Biden announces second extension to Obamacare enrollment period

President Joe Biden announced that he would extend the special enrollment period to purchase Affordable Care Act, popularly called Obamacare, plans from May 15 to August 15. Biden announced this in Ohio where he is on a trip promote his American Rescue Plan. The second extension will help new and current enrollees take advantage of the enhanced subsidies in the $1.9 trillion Covid relief package.

Doug 4 weeks

Reminder, America, mandatory "affordable" Obamacare was rebranded Heritage Foundation Romneycare - gift to healthcare insurance profiteers/extortionists picking your pocket! (:-( Demand #MedicareForAll! Help people - not corporations, Wall Street multimillionaires!

Rocky 4 weeks

Yay. Extension to the unaffordable care failure act. The one that has increased the cost of healthcare for all of us! Thanks sooooo much! /s We need government out of healthcare industry as quickly as possible.

Nathan 4 weeks

Biden is such a baffoooooon.

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