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Biden calls for ban on assault weapons after Boulder shooting

Biden calls for ban on assault weapons after Boulder shooting

President Joe Biden called for a ban on assault weapons in civilian hands in the wake of the Boulder, Colorado mass shooting that left 10 people dead. Addressing Americans from the White House, Biden said he did not ’need to wait another minute, let alone an hour, to take common sense steps that will save lives in the future and to urge my colleagues in the House and Senate to act.’

Nathan 4 weeks

Then he should be impeached for derelection of duty. Presidents swear to uphold the constitution not threated citizens with violations of it. Impeach this fraudster!

Rocky 4 weeks

There is no bill that prevents this Joe. Mass shootings are already illegal and it didn't do squat to stop the guy. More laws and restrictions is never the answer. You have to be thinking back asswards on purpose to believe that is a solution.

Silence Dogood
Silence Dogood 4 weeks

As if the myriad of existing gun laws stopped him. Be honest lefties, these calls for more gun laws is merely a path to put up so many hurdles that it will prevent private gun ownership.

mg123 4 weeks

The war on drugs didn’t work, why do they think a war on guns would. If someone wants a gun they will find a gun.

Blake 4 weeks

I'm sure banning the sale of guns will stop the criminals from making their own ghost guns...

Jellybean 4 weeks

Dude was 1) convicted of assault in 2017 2) suffering mental health problems 3) on a terrorist watch list. The FBI failed to enforce existing law regarding background checks, which would have prevented him from buying a gun. That this was allowed to happen is entirely the fault of the FBI, and new laws are not changing the FBIs incompetence.

Duncan 4 weeks

Biden thinks everything that holds more than 5 bullets is an "assault weapon". Not only would that make everything I own illegal, it would make it harder to defend yourself. Contrary to Hollywood's portrayal of gunshot wounds, most people dont die after one bullet.

World 4 weeks

Investigate Ashley Biden's husband please. She wants to divorce him but is trapped. He is a Davos/UN investor and Follow the MONEY

David 4 weeks

Have you even heard him talk about “assault weapons”? He has no idea what he is talking about and makes numerous wrong statements about types of guns, automatic, clips, etc

Kenneth 4 weeks

Fraudulent president Joe Biden has created a very unsafe America, terrorist coming in open borders, not enforcing existing laws, and violating the constitution of the United States of America

Neutral 4 weeks

I think everyone agrees that we don't want to see any murders committed with any tools ever...but correct me if I am wrong, isn't the most widely used gun (in regards to murders committed) a handgun? If that is statistically accurate, why all of the attention on the armalite rifles? BTW just learned what AR actually stands for, guess I am late to that party.

Bryan_with_a_why 4 weeks

Yet another attempt to infringe on the constitution. The left are the insurrectionists while pointing fingers at others to confuse and distract, trying to overthrow the very Constitution that makes this a republic. The government is actively doing the opposite of what it was created and allowed to do. Stop immediately or you will end up with secession, civil war, or worse!

jamie 4 weeks

I feel there should be fundamental knowledge of what assault weapons and high capacity magazines are before calling for a ban on the and Joe doesn’t have that knowledge whether purposely or accidentally

MIDESSA 4 weeks

Heck no we dont care how many people die we just want our big boy tous.

Oliver Holzerfül
Oliver Holzerfül 4 weeks

Can we just get this civil war underway? Better to burn out than fade away

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 4 weeks

Gonna need an executive order or nothing will get done.

NateTheNewt 4 weeks

Theres already a whole lot of fun control measures currently in place. From the sounds of this and many of the other mass shootings in the past there were opportunities for law enforcement to have prevented it beforehand. What good are more laws going to do if current ones are selectively followed through with?

jamie 4 weeks

Well seeing how there is no such thing as assault weapons, we already have background checks, and the Charleston loop hole is a myth which intended to hide the fact that human error led to the sale of that gun,

Jon 4 weeks

Let’s let this idiot and his team of morons keep making decisions. They’re doing such a great job. Let’s throw money at it. That will fix it. Americans won’t mind. Let’s give them some relief by allowing gas prices to soar so that the money we give them will line the oil lobbyists pockets. Let’s take their gun rights so they can’t stand up or defend themselves. This country is headed in a communistic direction with these idiots making the decisions. Defend your republic before all your rights are stolen from you. We the people are what makes this country the beautiful place it is. Out with the socialism and in with the people!

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