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Capitalism and greed gave Britain its vaccine success, says Boris Johnson

Capitalism and greed gave Britain its vaccine success, says Boris Johnson

In a private meeting of Tory MPs, British PM Boris Johnson is alleged to have said that the success of UK’s Covid vaccine program was because of ’capitalism’ and ’greed.’ Reports added that Johnson later added: ’Actually I regret saying it’ and that he asked lawmakers repeatedly to ’forget I said that.’ There was no official comment from Johnson’s Downing Street office.

Cían 3 weeks

Even as an Irish man I can’t condemn him for saying that. Certainly in the current climate what’s the problem here, ye it’s capitalism that has allowed your country and workforce to create the infrastructure necessary to even be able to produce the vaccines, and as for the greed hell ye I would want my government to be greedy in this regard get your hands on as many vaccines as possible after that then look to donate or sell on your excess vaccines. What kind of alternative would you want from Johnson here? To move in and seize the means of vaccine production or the final product and redistribute it like the EU is doing or would you want your leader to be like nah it’ll be fine everybody else can have the vaccine before us we’ll wait lol

Angry_Face 3 weeks

Ok so not only are us Brits 'racist' for brexit & Megan, we're now being called 'greedy' by our own leadership for taking the initiative when it came to ordering vaccines!??? WTFFF! I swear the weakness on display from our higher ups disgusts me

James G.
James G. 3 weeks

“Greed, for lack of a better word, is good.” - Borris Johnson, probably I mean, if greed brings you the cheapest vaccine that is still effective, is he wrong?

David 3 weeks

Every chance to try and shit on capitalism... when really we would still be scrambling without it. It is also the most effectIve thing to-date that allows people to lift themselves out of poverty

Brutus 3 weeks

Lol people who think greed is a bad thing. Greed is one of the core emotions and if kept in check there is nothing wrong with it. Much like parents will want to provide more to their children than other children. A country should vaccinate their own citizens before giving them to other countries, and there’s nothing wrong with that

VI Trotsky
VI Trotsky 3 weeks

A lot of bootlickers here praising capitalism and acknowledging the exploitation of the working class. How does the heal of a boot taste anyways?

Dave 3 weeks

He was probably talking to some Socialist dreamer who was telling him how Communism would have made the vaccine sooner. Most likely the same person who went and gossiped to the media about it.

Chris 3 weeks

Well he’s also pissed off the military as well so I doubt he’s gonna get re elected.

Alex 3 weeks

Freudian slip... Capitalism and greed is indeed the main motivation in marketing an untested drug with dangerous even lethal side effects on millions of people... 🙄

Neutral 3 weeks

Well sure that's a very negative outlook on motives. However it also allowed for the fastest production and distribution on a world wide level of a solution to a serious problem. IMO a more accurate description would be "allowed for a innovative and rapid comprehensive solution that government could not provide." Not to mention giving hope to billions. Just my take here.

michael 3 weeks

Vaccines literally can only be produced because of government subsidies, they are not profitable. If we had to pay money to vaccinate, we wouldn't be able to achieve the herd immunity we need, as any market determined price would have to take into account the massive expense of research and production, causing the poorest to become permanent incubators of mutation, rendering any vaccine effort completely moot. We're actually facing that risk right now. Wealthy nations can afford to pay for vaccines for their people, poor nations can't.

Bryan_with_a_why 3 weeks

Well it certainly wasn't socialism or communism that fixed any of mankind's issues

Delterra 3 weeks

He says in a country with socialized healthcare 😂

S 3 weeks

Cool. A qualified President and his administration gave America ours. Thanks Joe!

IIzard 3 weeks

Capitalism and greed made the cheapest vaccine that's most widely available? Yay for capitalism and greed.

Jaye Muller
Jaye Muller 3 weeks

Oh, is that what did it? :-)

Seekster 3 weeks

Is he wrong?

william 3 weeks

God damn right

Aaron 3 weeks

Is getting a gold star for being the top of class greed?

J. S. Dietrich
J. S. Dietrich 3 weeks

That doesn't change evil that capitalism has done.

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