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After Georgia and Colorado shootings, Harris seeks ’lasting’ federal law on guns

After Georgia and Colorado shootings, Harris seeks ’lasting’ federal law on guns

Following the Atlanta-area and Boulder shootings, Vice President Harris emphasized on the need for a federal law on guns. During an interview with CBS, Harris said: ’If we really want something that is going to be lasting, we need to pass legislation.’ She then said, ’If the Congress acts, then it becomes law, and that is what we have lacked.’ She stressed the need for an ’universal approach.’

bobby_5150 4 weeks

With new laws, she can imprison even more black men, and keep them in prison long past their parole date.

coughdrop1989 4 weeks

Over 80 shot and 14 killed in Chicago and detroit over the weekend but noone cares about that do we? Besides that, this stuff happens on a regular in Chicago but you wanna come after my guns? Pry them out my cold dead fingers.

O.T.Q.D 3 weeks

As a minority female Harris should be encouraging responsible gun use. A small concealed firearm or home protection rifle evens the field between women and men. It give woman a better chance of fighting off an attacker or home invasion.

yooper 3 weeks

The Boulder shootings look like terrorism, why would they unarm citizens when they are being attacked? I bet Harris couldn't tell you what an assault weapon is. A politician telling people what they need and don't need has forgotten who they work for. The rights of citizens to own weapons in this country is not to hunt.. it's too protect themselves from a tyrannical government. This will get ugly.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 3 weeks

Who gives a sh1t what Kamala Harris says or does? It's not like she's the POTUS.. at least for another month or two. Sadly when they kick Sniffy to the curb, the left/media will pretend Harris achieved something by slinking into the office through the back door.

josh 3 weeks

I am about as liberal as you can get, and often disagree with conservative commenters. But this is one issue I am with the right on. 1. Only 4-7% of all gun violence is committed by what they would call an ‘assault weapon’. 2. They claim citizens shouldn’t have access to ‘weapons of war’. When in fact, citizens already cannot get weapons of war (except cops who are citizens). Normal citizens cannot get fully automatic weapons without an expensive stamp, long wait times, and expensive weapons built before 1986. 3. We already have background checks if they want to open it up to personal sales, sure I’d be ok with that, but otherwise you can’t get a gun without a background check. 4. Gun violence has kept dropping over the last 3+ decades. Because more people have access to health care, poverty rates have come down, and many gangs have lost members. If Dems were to just keep working on getting people healthcare access and is made cheaper, they keep working to raise people out of poverty, and keep fighting racial injustice but keep community reach programs to keep reducing gang membership, gun violence will keep dropping. If they’d focus on the causes of violence in general, we will keep seeing gun violence drop. The media will always play up mass shootings, and we are seeing an uptick in those happening, but mass shootings still account for less than 1% of all gun deaths even with the recent uptick. Mass shootings are horrible events, and very truamatic when they happen, but the vast majority of gun owners who are law-abiding and non-violent should not be punished for the tiny percentage of assholes who are violent.

Nautilus 3 weeks

We need to stop saying "gun control doesn't work." Instead, we need to think "how do we PREVENT gun control?" There was never a point to "debunk gun control," all discussion and action should be focused on frustrating gun control and arresting all progress on it. Remember, colonial Americans started an international war for less than this.

chris 3 weeks

As she cackles like an Demented Crack head.

Frank Raynolds
Frank Raynolds 3 weeks

So... The over 20,000+ gun laws on the books already don't effect law breaking criminals? Color me shocked! Criminals, by definition, typically don't follow the laws. Only the law abiding do, and suffer the penalty for it. Something else to consider, humans will be humans. If they want to kill, laws, lack of preferred tools, etc. will not stop them. Take guns away, and they use knives. Take knives away, and they use clubs. Take clubs away and they'll drive over dozens in public. It's been said, you can't legislate morality, and it's very true.

Neutral 3 weeks

So confusing, the only proposal I read that she brought up in the article was universal background checks. I'm not a gun owner, but aren't there background checks required to legally purchase guns now? So this is a background check on your background check? I don't see how this helps anything🤷🏼‍♂️.

Tetelestai 3 weeks

you mean the planned attack to get the US population to agree with hun control? MK Ultra was a mind control program used by elements of the US government decades ago. of you really believe that they haven't improved and developed better methods since then, you are denying reality. ask yourself... why do most of these attacks seem to happen when leftists are in power? the very same people that want to disarm the country. why is it that they are keying on semiautomatic rifles when the vast majority of mass shootings and murders are committed with hand guns? is ot because they don't want the armed public capable of fighting against their tyranny? look at antifa and BLM. they are far left socialist/ communist organizations. and, yes, anrifa is at minimum an loosely organized militia designed to bring down free society and make it a totalitarian cesspool. and they are burning down cities and then being supported by the left as "peaceful protesters." and the left is arming them. but they want you disarmed.... why??? so they can come in the middle if the night and cart you off to their concentration camp or kill you without resistance. they are at war with you and you don't even know it. so we all need to wake up and take our country back.

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 4 weeks

"There is a problem and someone needs to fix it." Is that considered quality leadership?

Bryan_with_a_why 3 weeks

I seek lasting federal law to put her and her fellow crooks and cronies in prison for life for what they've done. So what?

Tired of the BS
Tired of the BS 3 weeks

So President Harris has already been sworn in, I see. She and Biden are perfect examples of why we cannot allow gun control legislation to go through. They highlight the very intent and purpose of the 2nd amendment. If you haven’t reached out to your representatives in Congress yet, to let them know that their vote on gun control bills will greatly influence your vote the next time they’re up for election, better get on it.

krunchyginger 3 weeks

Can’t wait to spend this stimulus check on a fresh AR with a few hundred rounds of ammo. God bless this country.

Marinewife0317 3 weeks

Ridiculous. Every time there is a mass shooting, multiple victims, they-the far left demorats-harp about gun control. How is it fair *everyone* is punished for the deeds of a few?? So by their logic, shopping should be regulated/controlled bc of the shoplifters. Criminals will find a way to commit a crime regardless of any law. If each state allows open carry in public minus federal buildings, schools, bars etc (provided the citizen is in good standing and has some degree of firearm safety), one would see less firearm related crimes being committed.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 3 weeks

How bout keeping ppl from terrorist hot beds out of the country. And stopping the invading horde of illegals who knows what terrorist or disease they are coming in with.

Sigfried 3 weeks

Harris, the only reason they're not lasting because they're repeats of old laws that are already working. You and your buddies would know this if you knew literally anything about guns before you tried to ban them. Scary black dogs are scary.💀

Thomas 3 weeks

Too bad the two cases were both caused with with hand guns. Kindof ruins their narrative the rifles should be ban, but I expect she answered Biden both don't care.

jamie 3 weeks

Probably because it wasn’t

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